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  1. RMS RecordStore.listRecordStores() returns null with Nokia emulator but not with SUN

    I need the RecordStore.listRecordStores() method because my application may have a number of recordStores.

    With Sun One Studio the Linux version of 'Nokia Series 40 MIDP Concept SDK Beta 0.3' rms...
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    The same problem, Preverifier compiler works but NDSJ2ME doesn't

    I may have the same problem. Unfortunately I haven't found an answer.

    Everything worked fine until I tried to update the Nokia Developer Suite to version 2.0. The update failed, which is an other...
  3. Specifying the mime type and charset at the server helped

    tomci, thanks.

    Based on your answer I managed to solve the problem.

    I made following chances to the Apache configuration in my Linux server:

    In to file /etc/httpd/conf/apache-mime.types I...
  4. Mobile Browser rendering of local files vs URL files with Wap Gateway Simulator

    Why is the result of rendering wml (as well as xhtml) pages different from local files and from network server files with the Nokia Mobile Browser 4.0 when using the Nokia WAP Gateway Simulator 4.0?...
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    Use 'Project -> Options' to set the ARMIB Configuration

    The problem was that the Build Configuration was not set to ARMIB after all. I had tried to set it from
    'Tools -> Mobile Options... -> Defaut Configuration'
    The proper way to set the configuration...
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    .sis file from C++Builder to 7650

    Borland C++ Builder 6.0 & Mobile Edition 1.1 & Nokia Series 60 SDK 0.9 for Symbian

    Mobile Device:
    Nokia 7650 phone V3.12 (18-06-02 NHL-2NA)

    Series 60 sample 'Hello World'...
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    RE: Image.createImage can not find the resource

    I finally found the mistake. I had omitted the package name from the image path. The correct code is

    try {image=Image.createImage("/MyPackage/logo.png");}
    catch (IOException e)
    image = null;...
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    Image.createImage can not find the resource

    My simple application can not find the image file in the SunOneStudio4 update1 + Nokia Developers Suite + Nokia Series 40 MIDP Concept SDK Beta 0.3 environment in Linux.
    I have compiled the Java...
  9. Connection failed at MIDlet application IrDA Deployment to 7650

    After setting the Ir on at the 7650 and clicking the Deploy button I get an output message 'Open connection to: 1' and then after a couple of seconds an other message 'Connection failed'.

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