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  1. Re: Signing NFL skins for the Media Player, Radio and Equalizer

    Sorry for being so late. But, unfortunately there is no way of signing the .nfl files on your own. They require manufacturer signing which can only be provided by nokia. By the way i think the...
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    Re: .nfl skins for player and radio

    You can't make skins on your own as they need a special manufacturer signing by nokia. So you can't convert .swf to signed .nfl. However , the normal .nfl uses the .zip package format. So, there's...
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    s40 fones with media player skins

    S40v5 and v6 fones have an interesting but not much known feature of skinnable media player. The appearences of media player, radio and equalizer can be changed by using media player skin suites....
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    Re: S40 skins editing and creating

    Well. I know its kinda late. But , i do have the right answer. To our disappoint , nokia doesn't offer any tools or ways to create media player skins. Even if you manage to reverse engineer the skins...
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