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    Re: camera API: only getting 640x480 pictures

    The first point is not true.
    You can connect to all signals and all will still be signaled.

    But the second one indeed is.
    The imageCaptured() signal contains the preview image (aka snapshot)....
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    Re: QWidget over QVideoWidget

    Did you set translucent background for your overlay (QLabel)?
    setAttribute(Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground, translucent);
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    Re: Secondary Camera (face) image is flipped

    This is a feature, not a bug.
    It is actually the viewfinder that is flipped (mirrored) not the captured content.
    Viewfinder is flipped to make the viewfinder view look sensible when rotating the...
  4. Re: How to set preview size and format using QCamera?

    Note! This applies to Symbian only!
    Primarily the viewfinder follows the size of the QVideoWidget (QCameraViewfinder) or QGraphicsVideoItem that is attached to the QCamera.
    You may control the...
  5. Re: recording stopped when making/receiving phone call

    (Assuming you're talking about Symbian like in older posts as well)
    The Symbian camera backend should not do anything when the phone call is received.
    But it may very well be that the native...
  6. Re: QCamera + QGraphicsVideoItem + S^1 = empty screen


    It's a known issue that's already fixed.
    The changes are not all out yet though.

    The fix required changes to both QtGui (Qt) and QtMultimediaKit (QtMobility).
    If I recall the change will...
  7. Re: QCamera: [Qt Message] QEglContext::createSurface(): Unable to create EGL surface

    "Unable to create EGL surface" might mean you're running out of gfx/multimedia memory.
    It's not an error, but warning, but it also usually mean that something goes wrong pretty soon.

    What you can...
  8. Re: [moved] Recording Video and audio Qt 1.1 Example

    Yes, you'll find it in:

    Using that example you're able to capture both video and images.
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    Re: Overlap camera image

    It should also work with widgets if you use top-level-widget as overlay.
    In other words; create a widget without a parent to be able to show it on top of the viewfinder.
    This applies to Symbian,...
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    Re: how to change camera orientation?

    It should definitely work if you lock the orientation to landscape before you construct the camera.

    But it should also work the other way around (if using the latest QtMobility 1.1.1).
    If it...
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    Re: Camera giving service missing error

    To the first question:
    The qstillimagecapture.h is part of the QtMobility Camera API.
    It seems you have not properly installed or built the QtMobility to your working environment.

    It's good to...
  12. Re: How to put a guide frame in viewfinder of a camera?

    Oh yes, you also need to call:
    setAttribute(Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground, true);

    ...for the overlay widget.

    Otherwise its background is not transparent.

    (The above only works if using...
  13. Re: Access to camera device has been rejected problem.

    Try using raster graphics for your application; Call:

    ...before constructing the QApplication.

    This way the UI is not so responsive, but should leave...
  14. Re: QMediaRecorder and QCamera not recording video

    What resolution are you recording and if HD, are you using raster graphics?
    Recording HD video is very memory consuming and there's not too much memory for both video/graphics on Symbian^3 devices....
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    Re: Camera exposure compensation is poor

    Did you take the KECamFineResolutionFactor into account?
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    Re: QVideoWidget & own view finder

    Sorry nohajmi, my reply was for Symbian^3 only.
    I'll add that to my comment as well to avoid any more confusion...
  17. Re: How to put a guide frame in viewfinder of a camera?

    All this applies for Symbian^3 only:

    You need to create a parentless widget (or label as you tried):
    yourLabel = new QLabel;
    ...and not add that to the same layout as the viewfinder.
  18. Re: Camera API missing from Qt SDK 1.1's Qt Mobility APIs

    The QCamera example on ForumNokia:
    ...is using QVideoRendererControl for showing the viewfinder.
    That is not the optimal way if one only wants to show the...
  19. Re: QMediaRecorder and QCamera not recording video

    Have you configured your Qt properly for Symbian?
    If the correct (i.e. Symbian) camera backend is loaded the isCaptureModeSupported(QCamera::CaptureVideo) should always return true when running on...
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    Re: Using QCamera and QCameraViewfinder

    My wild guess would be to try calling showMaximized() for the MainWindow.
    Otherwise looking the camera example as reference is a good idea...
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    Re: QCamera::Status vs QCamera::State ?

    I agree this is one of the most confusing parts of the QCamera API;

    state = "The camera state requested by the application"
    status = "The actual state of the camera backend"

    Thus; Changing...
  22. Re: Ask about camera view finder in NOKIA C7 phone

    Viewfinder follows the aspect ration of the captured content.
    If you want full screen viewfinder on portrait, you need to use video capture mode and set the video capture resolution to be 368x640...
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    Re: Using QCamera and QCameraViewfinder

    QtMobility 1.1.1 should have fix to both issues when released (at least for Symbian^3):
    * setViewfinder() crashing when using QVideoWidget
    * QGraphicsVideoItem based viewfinder not being visible
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    Re: OpenGL with physical camera problem in N8

    I think S^3 devices do not support EGL surface transparency and thus when using transparency SW rendering is being used.
    And that's leaving enough memory for the camera to start.
    Although, I'm not...
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    Re: Drawing a widget on top of camera view

    Sorry for very late reply!

    QViewfinder is same as QVideoWidget;
    Overriding the QVideoWidget's paint event does not work due to the backend implementation of the QVideoWidget when using camera....
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