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  1. Unable to visit Secure pages(https) using qwebview

    Hi guys,

    I really really need your help on the crippling problem I am facing:

    I am making a QT for Symbian app that needs to visit secure websites (https) sites as part of the program. I am...
  2. Re: S60 app with support for libREST and Glib

    Thanks a ton for your prompt reply Lucian.

    I guess bullet 1 "Is there a Symbian/S60 port of the library? If not, you have some work to do" makes sense right away. I guess I have to start working...
  3. S60 app with support for libREST and Glib

    I am developing a QT S60 app which uses libraries such as libREST (for RESTful interactions) and GLIB on linux. The app should work fine on linux and I am wondering if the same code using the same...
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