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  1. Re: Symbian third party API for GSM network information retrieval

    And in a few weeks not just abandoned, but totally gone (taken down), if I've understood things correctly.
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    Re: Certificate error on Symbian OS

    "VeriSign RSA Secure Server CA" seems (based on the name/title) like it would be a root cert for SSL/TLS (HTTPS) encrypted communications, not a code signing cert.

    So, a signed MIDlet needs to be...
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    Re: your symbian certificate

    I'm afraid that nobody (not Nokia or Microsoft, and there is no Symbian Signed any more) is doing any Symbian SIS/SISX file signing any longer with Symbian capabilities requiring more...
  4. Re: Sir I'm Using Nokia X+ new i have doubt on blocking unknown numbers

    I don't know of such software, but in case you do not realize it, there is no "above mail id" to reply to (not above, nor in your profile on this site). It doesn't matter much here, as these forums...
  5. Re: Receiving SMS message on specific port from a provider

    That's by OS design ("hardcoded" by the manufacturer); only the built-in Messaging/Inbox gets port 0 SMS and there's no way for unprivileged J2ME code to change that.

    And if you get the messages...
  6. Re: Receiving SMS message on specific port from a provider

    There is no way to make a J2ME MIDlet to receive messages on port 0.

    If you have a problem sending from a Windows Server to a specific port, does it work if you use a J2ME MIDlet on another phone...
  7. Sticky: Re: New beginnings for classic Nokia phone developers

    Some questions Microsoft/Opera should probably be able to answer that came to my mind (not that I have any content I need to publish in the Opera Mobile Store, but I suspect many others would like to...
  8. Re: Can't find any free Nokia packaging and signing as Nokia mentioned in publishing

    When you publish in the Nokia Store (formerly known as Ovi Store), Nokia takes care of the signing, etc.

    Now, Microsoft Mobile owns the Nokia Store. Start publishing via...
  9. Re: Urgent Need For Paradigm Shift in Nokia Development of Product Families --

    In case you haven't heard, Nokia already sold off its phone manufacturing, engineering, sales & marketing to Microsoft as Microsoft Mobile (and Microsoft recently, last month, said it'd lay off about...
  10. Re: Congrats to Petri Bäckström, Discussion Board Poster of the Month for July 2014

    Thank you everyone! Been around for a while, I guess. :)
  11. Re: Any Idea on porting Android app to windows phone App

    Then, if it is Android Java code (that requires little or no porting to Blackberry or Nokia X), you essentially need to rewrite the whole thing in C# for Windows Phone. Microsoft has provided also on...
  12. Re: Any Idea on porting Android app to windows phone App

    Is the Android app written in Android Java, or using some cross-platform toolkit/library already? If already using a cross-platform tool, does the tool already support Windows Phone? Does the app...
  13. Re: How can I switch the Lumia 1020 (909) into Mass Storage mode?

    With a Nokia (Microsoft Mobile) Lumia phone, you can't really be treated as an OEM helping Nokia/Microsoft Mobile with their own phone, can you?

    So, who is the team (company?) you're trying to...
  14. Re: Background process on Nokia S40 phones. (Like whats app). Is it possible?

    For actual backround (Java) apps on Series 40, Nokia also used to be (a few years ago) very strict on how many such apps (e.g., 2 or some other small number) were allowed (due to limited resources -...
  15. Re: Background process on Nokia S40 phones. (Like whats app). Is it possible?

    Of course it is possible, but it is not possible with regular, published SDKs and generally available app signing (permissions). You need to be in a position and with an app that Nok^H^H^HMicrosoft...
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    Re: Cannot Download Nokia X SDK

    Just tried to download it from the download page ( http://developer.nokia.com/resources/download/4743/?id=4743 ). No problems whatsoever. The file (582 754 KB) downloaded in about 5 minutes and the...
  17. Re: how to get current latitude and longitude without net/wifi

    And note that with CellID-based positioning, the network operator (carrier) must cooperate; i.e., the network operator must provide service APIs to use the network based location information to...
  18. Re: how to get current latitude and longitude without net/wifi

    A thing to note is that if network-based location services are not available, then the device must have a GPS (or other satellite-technology) hardware, and the software/APIs must support use of it....
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    Re: Backup Nokia Developer Wiki

    With this tool, for example (in HTML as received by your browser): https://www.gnu.org/software/wget/

    Getting a dump of the wiki in original wiki source format would require that someone with...
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    Re: Bluetooth Profiles

    Note that which Bluetooth profiles are supported by Windows Phone was never a Nokia decision, because it was Microsoft's operating system. Now, of course, also Nokia's phones are Microsoft's as...
  21. Re: How to know the average session time of the user which a user spends on my app?

    Change your app to log the times and send them to a network service. No other magic that I can think of. If your app doesn't keep track of it, then nothing else does it for your app, either.

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    Re: Faulty LCD on N950

    Since the N950 had only a short production run (max a few thousands of units, as I recall) and was never sold, but only provided as development devices, I don't think Nokia's authorized...
  23. Re: After Nokia & Nokia XL, The Fisrt 2 Android phones by Nokia.

    And we don't know how happy Microsoft Mobile is with the Nokia X series, and whether they'll continue the line or end it right there (from what I heard, the Android phones were a bit of an unpleasant...
  24. Thread: Little question

    by petrib

    Re: Little question

    Compare the .jad file contents to the manifest file inside the .jar file (which is a zip format archive file).
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    Re: Published app isn't available in my country!

    1) Is it published/available in any country or just not in your country?
    2) What country is your country?
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