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  1. Fonts get squeezed when start the "softkeys" demo from fluidlauncher.

    When I opened the "softkeys" for the first time, there was no problem, when I closed it and opened it the second time, strange thing came out: the button's height became smaller, and the...
  2. A little frustrated on so many unexpected strange behavior

    A little frustrated with Qt4.6 for S60. It doesn't seem so ready, or maybe I am just too amateur.
    Just want to make some little game for fun(I have a Nokia 6120C), I tried the following features:...
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    Re: Does Qt 4.6 for S60 contain QtOpenGL.lib?

    OK, I refered to the following page, it seems that we currently don't have this feature.

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    Does Qt 4.6 for S60 contain QtOpenGL.lib?

    It seems that Qt for S60 doesn't contain QtOpenGL.lib. We want to build it by ourselves, would it work?
  5. Disable default exit, or handle the exit event before exit. Probably an old problem.

    I have try to handle the event in the keyPressEvent function. Unless the main window showFullScreen, we cannot handle this event. But when the main window showFullScreen, the menubar is invisible. Do...
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    Re: How to configure mobile extension with QT??

    refer to http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Mobile_Extensions

    I have used the qt contacts apis, copy the source codes and add them to your project. Should be very easy to add other extensions.
  7. Re: About nested wait loop problem(using CActiveScheduler with in Qt app)

    I know what you meant. It is not the fault of Qt or S60 api, it is a problem of how to use S60 api properly with Qt. Qt did make a pretty good wrapper over S60 api. But the design of S60 api seems...
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    Re: http POST, help needed!

    Cannot understand what is the problem you have come across and how you solved that.
  9. About nested wait loop problem(using CActiveScheduler with in Qt app)

    I'll describe a problem I come across during tesing Qt feature. And post my explanation to this behavior.
    I wanted to send my app to background. I was done in a button("mybutton") handler as...
  10. How can I read CJK from contacts and output the CJK characters to a file.

    I am testing mobile extensions' contacts feature(Also QFile and QString feature). I wanted to read the contacts' fields and output to a file(using QFile and QTextStream).

    Because there are CJK...
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    Will the Qt for S60 application load fast?

    I have test in garden release some features, such as CTelephony, background/foreground, QListWidget. So far, so good! Thanks to the hard work of Qt team.
    But I notice that Qt related application...
  12. Re: Will Qt give us the target device's native look?

    Thank you so much! Sorcery-ltd.
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    How to bring an app to background in Qt?

    Don't need inter-process operation, just bring the app itself to background. Anyone have any idea?
  14. Re: Will Qt give us the target device's native look?

    Ok, then it is quite a good news for those who are new to both Qt and S60.
  15. Will Qt give us the target device's native look?

    I think it is convenient for us to have cohesive UI with other program in the device.
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