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    Re: N97 12.0.024 Caching

    Same here. Development speed (and fun factor) has been reduced dramatically, as I have to uninstall the old version AND reboot the device every time I want to deploy a new version of a widget....
  2. Re: S60 Platform Services 2.0 Javascript API (Beta Release)

    I'm using the com.nokia.device.messaging.start_editor API to start the SMS editor with pre-populated message data. start_editor fails silently, if the message argument has no non-empty "to" value....
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    Upload a picture taken via the camera API

    Here's a seemingly simple use case for a WRT widget: take a picture and upload it to a server. Target platform: S60 5th edition, WRT 1.1, Platform Services 2.0.

    Taking the picture is made much...
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