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    MSCOMM commevent=3

    Hi all.

    Trying to put together an sms sending program (like many others here!) in VB.

    Have done everything right - know this, because I have studied sends and receives and got them working in a...
  2. Nokia CardPhone 2 - SMS without having to install datasuite?


    I am looking to develop an SMS system using my Nokia CardPhone 2, but I dont want to install the datasuite software - I just need the SMS / AT commands.

    Is there a "cut down" installation,...
  3. Data suite for 8850 question (how can I bypass the irda setup)


    I have an 8850 and data suite cdrom, but no irda connection.

    I do, however, have a DAU9 serial cable.

    Unfortunately, when I install the CD, the setup insists that I must use an irda...
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