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    Re: Mobile Extensions for Qt 4.6?

    I'd like to hear that too - is it somewhat finished or are you waiting until 4.6 is released + N weeks? Can't jump on 4.6 until the extensions are there. Also, are they going to be maintained in...
  2. No bluetooth in 5140

    There is no bluetooth support in the 5140 (as far as I can tell from the menus) - the GPS is attaches by using an "XpressOn" cover (to be released soon by Nokia).

    The compass AND the GPS should be...
  3. Accessing the COMPASS and GPS from j2me on Nokia 5140?

    Is it possible?

    Could we please have someone responsible in nokia saying if it's possible and how?

    Apparently, the 5140 does not include the JSR-179 (location) implementation.

    Please respond...
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