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  1. Re: 6020 asks for authentication on every connection

    I'm sorry, the device is currently not available for me. I cannot answer you
  2. Re: 6020 asks for authentication on every connection

    thanks for the tip,

    in fact the user and password values ARE set in the configuration. when the authentication box appears, these values are filled in the form - the user just has to press OK.
  3. Re: howto send data via Bluetooth(JSR-82) to a Notebook/PC

    tanks for the hint with the avetana obex package.

    and for your information: I did use the search function ;-) Obviously I was searching the wrong key words because I did not find useful results.
  4. howto send data via Bluetooth(JSR-82) to a Notebook/PC

    is it possible to send MIDlet data as a File (e.g. a .CSV File) from my jsr-82 enabled bluetooth-cellphone to my notebook?

    currently when looking up BT devices with the SPP profile the notebook is...
  5. 6020 asks for authentication on every connection

    hello together,

    connection settings are ok on my test- nokia 6020. when the MIDlet opens
    a socket-connection the device asks for authentication every time (user and password textfields are...
  6. how to access/show missed calls while j2me app is running on 6230

    we have a business application which requires the user to run the j2me app throughout the workday. the problem is that on nokia 6230, missed phone calls are not shown while the j2me app is running. ...
  7. Firmware (5.50) problems for 200 devices? Nokia 6230 j2me implementation


    we are working on a project with a customer who has 200 Nokia 6230 phones for his employees. The mobile application is written in j2me and after we upgraded firmware to version 5.50...
  8. Re: launch MIDlet on series40 softkey possible?

    but there are "personal shortcuts" that can be laid onto the right softkey when
    the phone is in "idle" mode. the list of available shortcuts is predefined, is there really no way to add an entry...
  9. launch MIDlet on series40 softkey possible?

    Is is possible to configure a Series40 phone (6230 in my case) to launch a j2me application when e.g. the left or right softkey is clicked?

    which possibilities exist to provide users with...
  10. i think the problem is that most j2me-bluetooth...

    i think the problem is that most j2me-bluetooth enabled phones (JSR-82) don't support OBEX.

    what you should achieve much more easier is to send a SMS to another phone containing the link for OTA...
  11. Connector.open() blocking while active phone call?

    what happens if I call Connector.open(), on a Series60 device for instance, during a phone call is active (and GPRS not available in this moment).

    is connector.open() waiting until the phone-call...
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    rs232 cable and midp2.0 device?

    we need to communicate with a third party device only having a RS-232 interface. Which Nokia MIDP2.0 devices offer the possiblity to communicate via a serial data cable??

    e.g. the 6600 ?
  13. driver doent work...

    hi detlef,

    thx for your tip. i downloaded and installed the driver, but the ncp2.0 is not recognized..... any tricks to do?

  14. where to get CardPhone 2.0 Driver for Windows 2000???


    i read somewhere in the forum, that nokia providers CardPhone 2.0 Driver Updates for Win2000. Where can they be downloaded from????

  15. Firmware Upgrade for D211 to support NMI?


    Is there a firmware upgrade for the D211 to support NMI? Most of nokia gsm phones are supporting NMI - why the D211 not?

    kind regards,
    hans prueller
  16. is it possible to read received SMS with AT commands on D211?

    in my application i do not recognize any received sms by checking through AT command loanguage. if a message is received, the nokia sms app opens, but my app doesnt get it.. ?

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    D211 AT-Command SMS Application

    I read in the d211 developer guide that the nokia sms application controls the d211's sms and therefore no sms control through AT commands is possible.

    is it possible to TURN OFF the Nokia SMS...
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    replacing the java vm on the phone


    as I need to gather device-specific information like the Cell-ID of the cellular phone I have to install a specific native-call enabled port of the KVM.
    How can I achive to replace the...
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    availability of symbian phones list?


    I'd be interested an a list of nokia mobile phones and the operating systems of these phones. The reason is, that I'm planning to develop a symbian-application and need to know on which...
  20. RBasicGsmPhone::GetCurrentN etworkInfo fails on the WINS Platform


    I've tried to access the current CellID as described somewhere else in this forum (copied the etelbgsh.h from the 9200SDK because it's not included in the Series 60 SDK).

    Compiling &...
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