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  1. Re: How to get distance between two places given their latitude and longitude

    Also another option is to use the JS-179 API if available on your device.
    In there you an supply two Coordinates (or otherwise QualifiedCoordinates objects) and calculate the distance using the...
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    Re: Problem with Http Post

    Like wizard-hu was advising in that other discussion you might want to try to intercept the data with WireShark and see if you are getting a response right away from the server, and if so if the data...
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    Re: Streaming Videos on Nokia C1

    Do you have a working connection ? Are you able to browe to begin with ?
    Is this by using wifi or 3g ?
  4. Re: Change of Nokia Developer Community Management

    I wish you the very besy in your future position/job !
    You did a great job here !
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    Re: Audio Streaming in j2me

    sorry, that I don't know :(
    If I should guess it would be Network Acces OR Connectivity.. but that's just a guess...
  6. Re: How to create a marker tooltip showing Your current Location

    also are you running it on a device or on the emulator ? And if its on a device does it have GPS activated ?
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    Re: location updating problem

    simply save the location you receive in locationupdated() into a variable, then have a thread (which is a must anyways whenever you want to do any networking) which picks up this variable (which is...
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    Re: Audio Streaming in j2me

    Well it depends on which version of the S40 platform you are targetting, as you can see here the API access right change somewhat from platform to platform :...
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    Re: Porting a Java ME S40 app to Java ME S60

    have you been using LCDUI api for the UI or have you been using some other 3rd party library like LWUIT or J2ME Polish ?
    Those libraries should support screen-scaling if i'm not mistaken...
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    Re: Nokia HERE maps on Android - Sample code

    you are aware there are no Nokia devices running Android right ? Ans android itself does not come with Nokia HERE, let alone it's API's...
    Android has api's for Google Maps though...
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    Re: Timestamping j2me app (Jar)

    what do you mean timestamping it ? and what is it ? the jar ? only thing I used was versioning instead of timestamping (btw a jar should have a "created" timestamp, just as any other file)....
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    Re: Audio Streaming in j2me

    maybe the audio-codec used within that youtube movie is not compatible with your device... have you tried running it on any other devie ? or maybe on an emulator ?
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    Re: Audio Streaming in j2me

    Actually I don't think so, that wouldn't be very "safe", which is the idea of sandboxed J2ME...
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    Re: Bug in String() on S40 JRT 1.1.0

    thanks for sharing Graham !
  15. Re: Displaying a login screen the first time an app runs (but not subsequent times)

    nice, another persistent storage solution might be to simply use a file with a value in it (0 = first time, 1 = not first time)...
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    Re: Porting MIDP Apps to Other Platforms

    seems like a good idea, but personally atm I have nothing I need to port...
    I did some apps (on antoher platform that is) that use 3rd party libraries (for example for Graphs), I wonder if that can...
  17. Re: playerUpdate not called for SnapshotControl events

    strange though, according to http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/How_to_get_full_filename_of_the_snapshot_taken_in_JSR_234 you are doing it correctly...
    try to use that code instead and...
  18. Re: game runing slow on Java runtime 2.5 (belle fp2)

    are there by any chance some power management options enabled/disabled ? Might be some type of cpu-throttling issue/bug... I don't have any device running symbian Belle so I cannot check myself :(
  19. Re: Renaming default SELECT_COMMAND label in a List displayable

    I do know that the View command is added when there are more than 2 buttons that have been defined...
    Unfortunately I do not know if a standard component is that customizable, it might be but that...
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    Re: Porting MIDP Apps to Other Platforms

    hey graham ! man, thats quite some time ago !!!
    Nice project/product though.. But there are loads of other cross-platform development tools (Corona, PhoneGap, just to mention a couple).... Even...
  21. Re: help on accessing inbuilt gps of mobile device

    Have a look at :

    Also there are other handy articles on the Wiki regarding Location and JSR 179
  22. Re: help on accessing inbuilt gps of mobile device

    ok just to make it absolutely clear : NO, you wont be able to get your actual location through the emulator... Keep in mind it's an emulator, GPS is a combination of hardware and software, and what...
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    Re: Call a midlet on a button click event

    would that be after pushing a button within your app or do you want to start a midlet when pressing a button outside your app ?

    If it's the first case you might have a look here :...
  24. Re: Differneces between kxml parser and default xml parser in lwuit

    that's assuming you are using LWUIT anyways for its other functionality (like UI)...
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    Re: scrolling a form with labels in it.

    thanks for sharing the solution !
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