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    Re: Nokia Developers Forum Moderators

    I can understand your sentiments. We were all volunteers (although symbianyucca was employed later into Nokia and then Microsoft, he too started off as volunteer like us) and the sole aim was to help...
  2. Re: ?..Nokia store support..Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Note that the email Ids have changed quite sometime back and was informed in the sticky http://developer.nokia.com/community/discussion/showthread.php/246824-New-Publishing-Support-e-mail-addresses
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    Re: Serialize data to CSV format

    FYI, this thread has been featured in week 36 and you can find the details here
  4. Sticky: Re: Congratulations Neil Bhasme, Discussion Board Poster of the Month for August 2014

    Thank you All for the nice words and wishes!! :)
  5. Re: Feedback : Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 8

    you can always check back here or even subscribe to the thread to receive email notifications in case of updates in the thread. Giving out email id on a public forum is not the safest (nor necessary)...
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    Well the people who would influence such decisions do not check these forums as the forums here are meant to cater to third party application developers and the feedback is related to services...
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    Re: Cannot upload image to Nokia Wiki

    Perhaps due to the ongoing maintenance on the ND...but thats just an un-official guess :)

    Will try to get some official answer to your issue though.

    Thanks for reporting...
  8. Sticky: Re: Congratulations Sara Silva, Wiki Contributor of the Month for August 2014

    Congratulations Sara!! Very well deserved..Keep up the good work :)
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    Re: lumia 525 8.1 update problem

    You can check the latest updates rollout status in http://www.nokia.com/global/support/software-update/wp8-software-update/

    Remember, the region is the device region, not your own.

    And yes, the...
  10. Re: Iam new to json parsing for windows phone application. I want to parse the url

    Just for info to GTO_India : a CODE tag is different from a QUOTE tag. If you are too lazy to type the tags, 'Go Advanced' (below when you are replying a post) option will lead you to a edit menu...
  11. Re: Iam new to json parsing for windows phone application. I want to parse the url

    Two suggestions to echo post #6 from Wizard:

    1. Always use Code tags when posting code. Makes it readable and easy to identify problems. If you dont post it with code tags, you are missing out on...
  12. Re: while parsing the xml file in windows 8 os uisng vs 2012 pro using wp 8 sdk for w

    GTO_India had an alternate ID as SKUMAR and while sometimes he used it like above, at other times he used it as two different users( one example being...
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    Re: Where's Carbide.ui Series 40

    Unfortunately you might not find it here, but it has been archived by few developers and you could find them outside of this place. Here is a link for one...
  14. Re: [moved] Smooth move of Image on the page

    Thanks Oliver for the additional information! I am not sure if anything needs changed in reference to the blog, but this added information is sure to get its highlight as visitors to the blog usually...
  15. Re: Is it possible to recover videos from formatted Nokia phone?

    aah..missed adding the edit note...contained some product name which I thought was best taken off ;) Rest of the post is exactly as posted by the original poster.
  16. Re: [moved] Smooth move of Image on the page

    FYI this discussion has been featured and you can find the details here
  17. Re: Congrats to Petri Bäckström, Discussion Board Poster of the Month for July 2014

    Congratulations Petri!! Very well deserved :)
  18. Re: Issue while expanding & collapsing in longlistselector

    FYI, this thread has been featured and you can find the details here
  19. Re: How to test Place Monitor on Windows Phone Emulator ?

    There was some suggestion in a thread that we featured http://developer.nokia.com/community/discussion/showthread.php/247897-How-can-I-test-SensorCore-SDK-app
  20. Re: Any Idea on porting Android app to windows phone App

    Yes anybody can write (port) Android to Windows Phone using the porting guidelines mentioned above. It consists of API mapping tool to help you...
  21. Re: I can't show a 'Wait' screen when I need to wait for a thread to be finished

    FYI, this thread has been featured and you can find the blog of the same here
  22. Re: How to use the the HLS SDK to stream / play on windows 8 devices .

    VS Express, pro, etc, all the things that you are mentioning are IDE (I Know for sure I have given you this explaination earlier regarding IDE and SDK difference..But again here is something you...
  23. Re: Congratulations João Cardoso, Poster of the Month for June 2014

    Congratulations João !! :)
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 1520 Issue


    Perhaps you had a similar end users query way back in 2003 and the scope of this site has not changed which remains as part of support for 3rd party application developers. For end users...
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    Re: Offers for Nokia Developers

    You can also test your applications using the Remote Device Access which is a free service. Find details : http://developer.nokia.com/resources/remote-device-access
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