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  1. Re: Congratulations to Thomas Schmidt, March 2014 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congrats influencer !!
  2. Thread: Guidance needed

    by gaba88

    Re: Guidance needed

    I think this can be done in two three ways:

    1. Simple one let each of the form has its one UI components and Commands by this , your sendCommand will belong to each and every form and you can do...
  3. Re: playing rtsp video in Nokia Asha 501 and above

    Hi Shai.i

    Thanks i am sorry i failed to update this thread but yes i found out that rtsp is not supported with nokia asha devices but yes we can stream video with HTTP Live Streaming protocol that...
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    Re: Unable to run midlet on emulator

    for me many times if i press back key and exit the app then everything works fine.
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    Re: New Nokia Developer Beta


    I am still trying to get on this with new website. I have couple of issues , if they are already reported then please ignore them
    1. For Couple of days i was not able to login, but now i am...
  6. Re: Congratulations Arun Balaji, Poster of the Month for December 2013

    congrats arun :)
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    Re: Unit Picker Component

    i would recommend if you have only one unit why not to draw a list view only , with that one unit. I think you can control the styling better in a listview !!
  8. Re: Congratulations Verdavaine Yan, Poster of the Month for November 2013

    congrats yan :)
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    Re: Popupchoicegroup not working for asha 501

    ok i think for 501 you need a different jar ?? Dont you ??
  10. Re: Porting old LWUIT 1.5 to Asha 501: title in forms not visible

    yes for all my apps i use fullscreen mode and make my custom header bar thats a good approach on all LWUIT platforms !!
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    Re: Problem with list and scroll in LWUIT

    i think its the normal behavior, can you scroll down again !! when you scroll up the list is intended to stay where you have stopped !!
  12. Re: Congratulations Neil Bhasme, Poster of the Month for September 2013

    congrats Neil :)
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    Re: QR Reader for Nokia Asha 311

    apart from what arunkam has mentioned i just wanted to say this is a developer discussion board , not a user one, so if you are a developer you may be interested to check on the ZXing site they have...
  14. Re: Visual Mobile Designer J2ME: How to put NUMERICAL values to user inputs.

    you can call setCommandListener on your component and in the callback based on the index you can query back the data from the data structure !!
  15. Re: [moved] How to hide Confirmation box appearing on calling platformRequest method.

    i will just repeat my lines , platformRequest is not LWUIT or Canvas dependent, so its behavior is going to be same !!

    So either you dont user platformRequest or if you use you have to see that...
  16. Re: [moved] How to hide Confirmation box appearing on calling platformRequest method.

    i faced the same issue if you want to open a link in native browser using platformRequest then there is no way you can avoid that dialog. For me it was passing a streaming link to the browser to...
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    Re: LWUIT backwards compatibility?

    yes wizard is correct, i basically in two of my applications !! consider asha sdk 2.0 as my base and then i use only those components which i can use in common with the latest asha sdk 1.0 !!
  18. Re: Congratulations Neil Turner, Poster of the Month for August 2013

    Congrats Neil :)
  19. Re: rms currepted on emulator but not on device dubugging

    This has happened with me too, may be somehow you have entered some wrong data which caused that, if data is not important just delete that store and make a new one !!
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    Re: Disable Title Dialog in LWUIT

    may be you should think of making an custome dialog all together or using a entire view itself instead of dialogs !!, i have seen these problems and the method you have mentioned will not work !!
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    Re: Problems with Asha 311 & friends

    Hello Utumno

    I cant help much here but the first sanity question to ask or check is the firmware version, may be the firmware version is different and thats why you have so many discrepancies !!
  22. Re: hideNotify() not invoked on latest Asha firmware (7.36)

    this may be not correct but when the user suspends the app doesnt your midlets destroyApp method invoked ??
  23. Re: How to display two labels in one cell of list view

    i dont understand your way of adding components in the listview.

    You should create your labels inside your Renderer only and assign data in getListCellRendererComponent method !!
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    Re: problem with pie chart in a specefic form

    the quick answer would be :

    1. Convert your pie chart into a LWUIT component.
    2. Make a new form add the PieChart into the form.
    3. call form.show() on your command.

    Now how to do 1.

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    Re: How to debug on device..?

    Hello Suja

    Just to add you can also use on device logging mechanism , that also helps a lot some time.

    I use microlog for my applications !!
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