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  1. Error 403 in HTTPConnection POST in J2ME Nokia S40

    Hi All,

    I'm developing an apps for S40 using Nokia SDK 2.0 (J2ME) that can connect via REST API to the server.

    However there's some API (using method POST) result an Error 403 - Forbidden. I've...
  2. Re: The application must include an "OPT-OUT" feature

    Hi Yucca,

    I think i have the same situation with yazwas. I got this error from QA:

    Comments from the QA team:
    Failed QA.
    ISSUE #1: SUMMARY: The application does not provide an option to...
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    Re: Problem to find location of device.

    I'm about developing location based app in Nokia C2. The specification says that the device has JSR-179 but doesn't have GPS receiver. Beside bluetooth, is there anyway to get device...
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    Re: Running Application In Real Device


    I think i have the same problem. I'm developing a location based app. I use this code too get the location device as i've read in...
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    Re: S40 emulator +gps

    Hello Kumar,
    Thanks for a warm welcome. :D

    Of course, the emulator doesn't have the GPS chip. I'm new to Nokia, and experienced the Android Emulator for a while. It's easy to set the coordinate...
  6. Re: Show user location in OVI maps from the J2me application

    Hey, maybe it's a bit late.
    Now OVI Maps has release its OVI Maps Rendering API. you could easily show map on your application by calling this API. for details, you can read in here:...
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    Re: S40 emulator +gps

    Whoa, it is old thread. I found the same problem, and this hasn't answered yet.
    moderator please. :D
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