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  1. Not able to connect to net via GPRS with 3rd party apps

    I have a Nokia 5130XM mobile.

    Airtel is my service provider and I use their NOP plan to access the net via GPRS/EDGE using my phone.
    My phone has Opera Mini 4 pre-installed and does not have the...
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    Re: .nfl skins for player and radio

    Can you upload all the skins that you have to either Rapidshare or Ziddu???

    I cannot find any skins to download anywhere.

    I found a forum where there were lots of links but unfortunately the...
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    How to install downloaded certificates???

    I downloaded some root certificates from the Verisign website which I want to install in my phone(Nokia 5300).

    I saw somewhere that I needed to send the files by bluetooth to install them? I sit...
  4. Am not being able to use Opera Mini: Plz help

    Hi everyone.
    i am not exactly an application developer and think that my problem can be best solved by those on this forum.

    I use a Nokia 5300(firmware v4.71). My telecom operator gave me a GPRS...
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