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  1. Re: Congratulations to Luis Valente, Wiki Contributor of the Month for July 2014

    Congratulations Luis! We are lucky to have you in the moderation team.. :)
  2. Re: Congratulations to Yan Verdavaine, Wiki Contributor of the Month for May 2014

    Congratulations Yan... your efforts are much appreciated!
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    Re: Symbian Resources

    It could work but many users won't discover it unless the representation is made fairly obvious.
    Also, I think there is a need for having a direct link to Wiki and Dibo from anywhere in ND, it...
  4. Re: Congratulations to Hamish Willee, February 2014 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congrats Hamish :) It's strange to see you on the other side.. this is for all the hard work you put in for Nokia, well beyond your job!
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    Re: Change of Nokia Developer Community Management

    I was hoping to not see you leave.. but I guess there are better things in store for you somewhere.

    The constant tempo you provide to the community is amazing. Many people in the community have...
  6. Re: DVLUP Do we loose chalanges during waiting for veryfication?

    Just wondering, what is the reason behind having a mandatory Dev center account before allowing the challenges?
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    Re: f13 - Javascript Library For Asha WebApps

    I just saw this now.. will give it a try soon. I think you should still go ahead and put this on Github, also I think you could have a Wiki article with some usage examples. This would make it easier...
  8. Re: Congratulations to the winner(s) of the Nokia Imaging Wiki Competition 2013Q3

    Congrats to the winners, thanks everyone who participated. This has really been a great competition at the Wiki!
  9. Re: Congratulations to Thomas Schmidt, May 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congrats Thomas! Keep up the good work, everyone!
  10. Re: Why it says not compatible for Asha Platform?

    I think you should mark it as 'Assumed to work' since you haven't actually tested it on a real device..
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    Re: xPress Browser 3.0: I hope this is a joke!

    From the launch video, I believe that Nokia Asha 501 has a floating virtual keyboard. I think it would be a great plus for web apps that require an input from the user. In the legacy Asha devices,...
  12. Re: Congratulations to Marcos Fabio Pereira, April 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Well done everyone and congratulations Marcos :)
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    Re: Definition of Full Touch Asha app ?

    If your application works perfectly (UI and functionality) on an Asha full touch device, it's a full touch app :)

    From what I see, your applications are web apps built using Nokia Web tools, so a...
  14. Thread: Qa failed

    by croozeus

    Re: Qa failed

    Yes, as long as everyone can access it.. should be fine.
  15. Re: Help to select a Nokia Asha full-touch device for testing

    ... and here's the link to the Nokia PDP for Asha,
  16. Re: Scheduled Xpress Web App Builder maintenance break. Monday, 22 April 2013 15:00 G

    Thank you for the advance notice Ilkka. Would be great if you could mention such scheduled breaks for cloud preview servers for Web tools here.
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    Re: Cloud preview not work since Sep 7

    Doesn't work for me either today.. Also, the 'Deploy to phone' isn't working today.
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    Re: Nokia S40 Browser Proxy Timeout Issue

    I've worked on a similar scenario for one of the apps, but it works fine for me. The partner URL that I used doesn't require a long processing time.

    First thing is to check if your partner's...
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    Re: Question for anyone with an S40 phone

    Did you change anything in the config.xml (especially, the version?) for the updated wgt file that you submitted to Nokia store?
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    Re: Cloud preview not work since Sep 7

    Yes, it wasn't working yesterday. However, it is working fine for me today.

    I think having the service down temporarily for updates/ maintenance is fine.. but there should be some advance...
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    Re: Question for anyone with an S40 phone

    I don't think there is any notification, however it may appear in the Nokia store->My Stuff when you select the installed app.

    For S40 Web Apps, the ideal thing would be that the updated version...
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    Re: Namaste...Where to start?

    Welcome to Nokia Developer :)

    If you intend to build JavaME (J2ME) applications for Nokia Asha 311, take a look at this page:

  23. Re: How to show a background image for few secs after a user click on my application

    If you are talking about the splashscreen, S40 Web Apps have a default splashscreen. You cannot over-ride the default splash screen, not as of now.
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    Re: Error while opening sample apps

    Many of the listed samples already ship with the Web Tools. Just look for the sample tab at the bottom, try if the samples load from there.
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    Re: How to make ajax calls in s40 web apps?

    It seems to me that you're trying to load a file (.txt) with that URL. Don't you have a web service running on your server which can give you a response instead of trying to load data from a txt file?
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