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  1. PPP login scripts in the Nokia 9210 Communicator

    Are PPP login scripts required when making an Internet/intranet connection with Nokia 9210 Communicator?
  2. Using an analog modem in connecting Nokia 9210 emulator to Internet

    Is it possible to connect Nokia 9210 emulator to Internet by using an analog modem?
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    Identifying memory leaks

    I know, that error codes starting 0x6001... result from a memory leak or wrong use of ClenupStack. Is there any practical way for finding the defect?
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    Error code 0xC0000005

    I am implementing an application. When running the application a dialog pops up showing "Unhandled exception in EPOC.EXE(WS32.DLL): 0xC0000005:Access Violation"

    What can be the reason for...
  5. Setting up WAP access for Nokia 9210 emulator

    What should I do to set up a WAP access for Nokia 9210 emulator?
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