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  1. Nokia6600-Video(MMApi)-Internet-Thread:combined problem

    First,I should introduce myself and my application.
    I am an experienced Java developer and I 've developed an application that can retrieve video frequently from internet(via http protocol) and...
  2. 你大概没有搞明白中国移动GPRS是怎么一个网络。(我猜想你可能是用GPRS)...

  3. But this means that I cannot using my codes in...

    But this means that I cannot using my codes in Linux because I cannot find the linux version of MMC.
    Does Nokia provide a linux version of MMC?
  4. Can somebody give me a way to generate 3gpp format using Java or C++(Standard C++)?

    I know 3gpp is based on the H.263 encode.I can also generate QUICKTIME format based on H.263 using JMF.
    But I am not familiar with 3GPP format.I have no idea to generate 3gpp file.
    Can some one...
  5. I have to complain some wrong implementation in Nokia6600

    I.The wrong implementation of javax.microedition.lcdui.Canvas 's full screen mode.
    When I use the full screen mode,Nokia6600 should permit me to use addCommand and setCommandListener functions to...
  6. I want to know whether N6600 can play mpeg4 stream?

    Please give me the answer,thank you in advance.
    What I mean is whether midlets in N6600 can play mpeg4 stream using Player class.
    If midlets cannot do this,I have to use c++ to do this application....
  7. I want to know how to retreive a JPEG picture from internet

    I know how to display a JPEG picture in the JAR package using the following code:

    Image im = Image.createImage("/abc.jpg");

    But the real condition is that I have to display the JPEG picture...
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