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  1. Re: Switching from Trial/Paid-Version to In-App Purchases

    Hey, thank you for the fast reply! :D

    Yeah, I was afraid that there is no "standard" way in doing this. I think I'll try it with a workaround I found in another forum: First, I give my app a...
  2. Switching from Trial/Paid-Version to In-App Purchases

    Hi guys,

    I currently offer my app for money, but users can download it in Trial-mode. Now I want to change it to be completely free and to offer some things as In-App purchases. The users who...
  3. Re: Math formulas within text (RichTextBox)

    Thank you for the fast replies!

    @wizard_hu: I'll be looking at this site the next few days, but I think it could work.

    @mfabiop: The formulas are mainly with fractions, square roots, ... so not...
  4. Math formulas within text (RichTextBox)

    Is there a possibility of writing math formulas directly within the text? Up to now I'm using RichTextBoxes and I've implemented more complicated formulas as pictures, but it would be great if I...
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