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  1. How to install a sisfile in Emulator release version? ?


    Am facing a stange problem....

    I created a sis file [DLL created by Compliling as config urel]

    and put the sis file in

    But when...
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    How to merge two sis files on the device


    I tired using the sisar application and i made a sis file combined of two sis files one of size 85 kb and other of 55 kb
    the combined sis file after trasferring to the device gets installed...
  3. Context pane Icon not visible over the navi pane??


    I am facing a strange problem with context pane icon..

    i have created an mbm file with an icon when am loading that icon on the context pane using the following code ..

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    Horizontal scrolling in a listbox


    I wanted to know whether its possible to scroll horizontally in a list box.

    SetScrollBarVisibilityL (CEikScrollBarFrame::EOn, CEikScrollBarFrame::EOn)

    works only for vertical...
  5. How to get two icons on the same list box item?


    I want to display two icons [left and right handside]

    on a list item, could any one please tell me howto go abt it....

    am not able to get icon on the right hand side of the list item
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    Can v have animated images in the GUI??

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to have animated images in the 7650 gui??

    can anybody please give me some suggestions regarding this??

    I dont know how to go abt it...

    please some inputs to this...
  7. Can the status bar on 7650 be replaced by a gif


    I wanted some information regarding whether the status bar , can be replaced by a gif???

    can i put a gif as the background for the application...

    if anybod has got an idea abt it please...
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    How to test using NTS v1.1?


    I have installed the Nokia testing suite, on my pc and 7650sis in Nokia 7650.

    after this how do i proceed , regarding testing??

    do i have to write scrpits for starting my application...
  9. RE: Dialog doesn't appear when I go back to a view from another one.


    I have used dialogs in my application... this is just a suggestion hope it helps u..

    i dont know what u got in ur second view.... why dont u try the application with just one view and in...
  10. How to get the i/p regarding an application from other application?

    hi all,

    I have launched an application and from that application without exiting the application i switch to another application, while being in the second application how is it possible to get a...
  11. Displaying list box and dialog within same view without overlapping


    I am having a listbox to which i am adding items , i want to display a query dialog[information/confirmation] on that view without the listbox being dimmed out.
    i want the listbox to be...
  12. How to delete a dialog, without OkToExitL()?


    I am using a dialog with a form , and since i needed user defined options i am using DynInitMenuPaneL() and so i have to handle the options in the processcommnadl of the dialog class...
  13. displaying multiple values as separate lines in dialog


    I am using a dialog... which needs to take multiple values...
    i need to get these values displayed in separate lines...

    can i specify a separator so that after that the next value entered...
  14. Mapping different menuitems to different Options button on both sides.

    I need to get options as both the buttons

    how do i get different menu items for these options ??

    Should i define two different menupanes...
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    How to make an array dynamic??


    I am using CAknDoubleLargeStyleListBox in my application ...
    now i am displaying a set of values defined in the rss file to be displayed in the listbox...but i want to change the things in...
  16. How to enable and disable different menu panes within same view?

    I am developing an application which has 3 -4 dialogs with forms within a view, i need to get different menupanes[different menuitems within the options button] enabled on launching different...
  17. Where to handle the user defined menu items in a form?

    I need to launch a view on selecting one of the user defiend menu items in the form.Do I need to do it in the ProcessCommandL of the class extending form CAknForm??

    but here i am not able to...
  18. How to launch a different view from a form?


    I am using some user defined menu items in a form.
    On selecting a particular menu item i want to launch another view. I tried handle this event in the "HandleCommandL()" of the view from...
  19. what is the type for control" PHONE_NUMBER_EDITOR"?

    i want to use some control that allows only integers.
    i tried using AVKON_INTEGER_EDWIN but it allows all special characters also to be enterd.
    NUMBER_EDITOR control allows only 9 digits...
  20. How to use the IP_FIELD_EDITOR control in a dialog?


    I'm facing problem while using the IP_FIELD_EDITOR control in a dialog.
    In the series 60 example "EDITOR".. this control is used in view21 directly without launching any dialog. In this view...
  21. How to use IP_FIELD_EDITOR control in a dialog?

    I need to get the control "IP_FIELD_EDITOR" in a dialog.
    I have used the following code in the dialog but it gives an exception when the application is launched..
    could anyone please give me...
  22. How to get User defined menu items in a form?


    I need to provide some user defined menu items in the menu pane used in a form.. sinece the form has a set of user defined menu constants if i disable all of those ..how do i give some user...
  23. how to change the titlepane icon dynamically


    I need to change the title pane icon ( display another icon in place of the application icon ) that is displayed along with the application name..

    I want to chage the icon on selecting a...
  24. How to create own Dialog buttons for Nokia 7650?


    How can i create my own dlg buttons for Nokia 7650.
    I tried to use DLG_BUTTONS struct for this but doesn't seem to work..
    and also how do i map these buttons to the menu items. Say i want to...
  25. how to change the status pane display dynamically


    I am developing an application in which i need to change the status pane display dynamically......
    For ex when the user selects a menu item the status pane display should change in the same...
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