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  1. Re: Some system commands are not permitted on N950 with "devel-su"

    How do you get these capabilities within a terminal or ssh session? I have seen some guides on giving applications different capabilities, but would love to know how I could gain this in a terminal...
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    Re: Ovi Store Client Beta available for the N950

    I think it doesn't work because you're trying to move the account folder into itself. Try doing

    mv .accounts .accounts-backup

    Then restart your phone. That did at least work with me, and...
  3. Re: Can't understand info when I logged to OVI Store

    It means that you have made changes to the content 75 times. For each change you make, it saves the content in a new revision. The revision number just tells you how many times your content has been...
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    Re: Only recieving SMS signal on first run

    After some more testing, there appears to be some progress if I close the conversation windows. I still don't get any output from the qDebug() calls in my messageAdded function, but I do get the...
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    Only recieving SMS signal on first run


    I'm having a problem with the Recieving and SMS in Qt example. Whenever I run the example for the first time in a while (reboot does not always seems to fix the problem), it works as it...
  6. Re: Updating size of TableView with delegate on rotation

    That is for sure a prettier way to do it :)

    Actually, I decided to do some more testing to make sure I ruled out the correct error, and I just figured that I didn't. It wasn't the missing sizeHint...
  7. Re: Updating size of TableView with delegate on rotation

    Thanks a ton! The missing sizeHint() was the issue. I was able to use the rectangle from QStyleOptionViewItem in the sizeHint to return the size needed. I also had to set the resize mode of the...
  8. Re: Updating size of TableView with delegate on rotation

    Thanks a lot for testing!

    Could it be because I haven't overloaded sizeHint() in the delegate at all? :o

    I haven't seen sizeHint being overloaded in any of the examples I have been looking at,...
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    Re: How to change locale?

    This is probably because you are passing enums, while the function expects a locale object.

    This should work (although I haven't tested it):

  10. Updating size of TableView with delegate on rotation

    I have a custom view delegate to right-align some text and I'm having a problem when the device (Nokia N900) is rotated. The problem seems to be that the QStyleOptionViewItem parameter in the...
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