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    Quickest way to convert JPG to Gif?


    If I'm looking to covert a JPG to GIF format do I have to convert via a Symbian bitmap using CImageDecoder, or is there a direct convert using CImageEncoder?

  2. Re: BrCtlInterface and 5th edition displaying images

    One more update - The code works perfectly with GIF images. JPGs simply leave a blank space where they should be shown. As JPGS works on the 5800, it is only the N97 that is proving problematic
  3. Re: BrCtlInterface and 5th edition displaying images

    A quick update:

    Tried writing a seperate link resolver, which worked on N95 and 5800, but still doesn't work on the N97. Additionally the N97 emulator doesn't display the image.

    Anyone point...
  4. BrCtlInterface and 5th edition displaying images

    Hi chaps,

    I've used the browser engine a number of times now. However, I've tried it on an N97, displaying static text and an image located in c:\data. The text displays ok, but the image never...
  5. Problem using GIFs with CBasicAnimation

    The Wikipedia has an example using CBasicAnimation to display a GIF file (it works great) However, I was looking to get the size of the GIF using CBasicAnimation's Size() function in order to draw...
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    Re: Changing app UID; Necessary changes?

    Thanks guys - a lot of changes to make it seems.
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    Changing app UID; Necessary changes?


    I'm looking to develop an app that can have different flavours on device at the same time. IE Multiple installs

    I've obtained UIDs but was wondering what else needs to change:-

    1)If the...
  8. Does the BrctlSampleApp code actually work?

    I'm asking because every SDK I've tried with it on has problems. For example, some of the menu items do not load, and leave a white screen instead when running on WINS.

    One specific instance I'm...
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    Powersaver detection


    Other than using powersaver::InactivityTime() (and getting increments) is there any way to read
    1) Whether the powersaver is on
    2) The value the user has put in the settings app for the...
  10. Re: How to tell if a connection is using 3g, 2g or 3.5g?

    Thanks Wizard. Alas, I'm using TConMonBearerType right now, and it is giving me enum 5, GPRS, for 3g, 2g etc connections.
  11. How to tell if a connection is using 3g, 2g or 3.5g?

    I've asked this question before, and finally used the RConnectionMonitor class to work out the bearer after gettint the IAP id. However, the code informs me that my connection is GPRS for both WCDMA...
  12. Re: Browser-control link navigation problem

    One last bump for posterity... :)
  13. Re: Browser-control link navigation problem

    Anyone? Perhaps the UI section isn't the best place for this question....
  14. Browser-control link navigation problem


    I've created a browser control which shows three links. In portrait there are two links on one line and one below. Navigation works perfectly (I turned cursor navigation off, and use the blue...
  15. Browser control: Removing pages from history?


    I've built a browser control on a 3rd 9.1 device and use it to go back and forward through a list of urls. I want to be able to clear every page that has been loaded at a certain point,...
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    E90 and CDirectScreenBitmap problem


    I've written some code to draw direct to the screen which works fine when the E90 is open. However, when iDirectScreenBitmap->EndUpdate(iStatus) is run the RunL is called with -44 (Hardware...
  17. Re: howto check is active connection WLAN or GPRS

    Yes, use RConnectionMonitor its GetIntSetting, filtering on KBearer I believe
  18. Re: KErrPermission denied using RConnectionMonitor

    Thanks Itomuta. I'm trying a slightly different approach now, which seems promising, although I'm checking the WIKI etc to see exactly what the values mean and whether they can be relied on.
  19. IAPService, IAPBearer, IAPBearerType return meanings?


    I've used RConnection::GetIntSetting to get info on a connection bearer using "IAP\\<the fields as above>"

    When running on device through WLAN I get 8,1,0 returned respectively; Orange GPRS...
  20. Re: KErrPermission denied using RConnectionMonitor

    Hi again,

    I tried a different approach: I used the RConnection my code has, enumerated it, and tried:-

    TPckgBuf<TConnectionInfoV2> connectionInfo;
    iConnection.GetConnectionInfo(<the index>,...
  21. Re: KErrPermission denied using RConnectionMonitor

    Thanks guys. I'll have to figure out another way of figuring out what connections my app is using... (the user chooses the bearer)
  22. KErrPermission denied using RConnectionMonitor


    Quick question:-

    I ennumerated a list of connections using RConnectionMonitor, but when I tried to filter them based on UIDs I got -46. Is this a security capability problem? (I have...
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    Getting connection bearer examples?


    I've had a quick look at SymbianYucca's connection monitor code but I'm wondering whether there are any other examples of how to get connection info (commdb?) Essentially I need to know what...
  24. Re: Complete Central rep. Pub& Sub key list?

    Thanks for the quick answer Yucca.

    I noticed you wrote some connection monitor code, but do you know If there is any way to find the network strength, current network type (3g, 2g etc) using the...
  25. Complete Central rep. Pub& Sub key list?


    Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of keys available to use with the central repository and Pub&Subscribe? I found a document entitled "S60 platform initiated events" which had...
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