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    PAMP memory leak?

    Hi All,

    I have a symbian C++ application which uses PAMP as the server. It will keep running unless the phone is shut down. However, after a night running, the phone will give message said "Memory...
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    Re: Is it possible to package sis in widget!

    That's fair enough. But I have another question is that can we pacakage a wgz file in a sis file so that when we install the sis application the widget will be installed as well?

  3. Re: Accessing with the XmlHTTPRequest class

    As far as I know, "localhost" is not working on Symbian system. You can check this link:


    I was actually doing tha same...
  4. Help: CSS rules in the ajax response are not working

    I was developing a WRT widget. In the widget, I was using ajax calls to get some html contents. The Html contents in the response contain css, html and javascript codes. These codes would be inserted...
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