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  1. Is Nokia WRT support 'POST' for XMLHttpRequest?

    Is there possible to preform POST for XMLHttpRequest in Nokia WRT application?
    If yes provide example please.
  2. Re: Aptana Studio установка Nokia Web Runtime плагина

    1. I have installed Nokia Web Tools 2.0 and I tried to use 'Web App Simulator' but I don't found way to clean applications on simulator. you can recommend me to do this?
    2. Actually on 'Web App...
  3. Aptana Studio error during Nokia Web Runtime plagin installation

    I got error when try to install WRT plugin:

    Also I can't get plugin by links below:
  4. Aptana Studio установка Nokia Web Runtime плагина

    Получаю ошибку при установке плагина:

    По ссылкам которые предоставлены ниже плагин также недоступен:...
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