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  1. Re: Retrieving specific dynamic information from a web site

    With the HttpWebRequest you can get the plain HTML-text of the website. The HTMLAgilityPack is a means to extract information from the HTML-text of a website.
  2. Re: GifRenderer ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range

    I'm not entirely certain if that the cause and I hope you forgive me for pasting C# code but it's what I have available right now. When I set the values in the GifRenderer's constructor I have to set...
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    Re: Locking exposure and focus in video

    You can manually set focus before starting a recording. To my knowledge you can't do the same with Exposure. With WP8.1 this might now be possible. They have expanded the APIs quite a bit but I have...
  4. Re: BLE (Bluetooth low energy) support on Windows Phone 8.1

    WP8.1 does have support for BLE but it's not available as part of the Developer Preview because the necessary drivers are not included yet. So for testing you will have to wait for the final release...
  5. Re: How to load recent images from the media library?

    You are getting the stream twice in this example - it should perhaps look like this.

    Stream imageStream = item.GetImage();
    var imageToShow = new Image()
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    Re: How to upgrade a 920 without a SIM

    I guess you are asking about installing the WP8.1 developer Preview? Did you install the "Preview for Developers" App and use it to configure your phone so it will install Preview Updates instead of...
  7. Re: How to load recent images from the media library?

    What caused the issue? Might be interesting to see how you adapted the code if someone else runs into the same problem.
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    Re: Imaging Package in a WCF service

    WCF services to my knowledge can only be hosted in the Win32 Runtime. The Imaging SDK however is a WinRT component. So going by that: no, you can't use the Nokia Imaging SDK on your server. Creating...
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    Re: Capturing WindowsPhone hardware keys

    You don't have any possibility to access most of the hardware buttons. The only ones you can get access to are the back button and the camera button.
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    Re: Imaging SDK extension

    I'd definitely be willing to help with this project.

    As for the UI portion - going by recent discussions on this forum that is definitely something that would be very helpful to lots of people....
  11. Sticky: Re: Congratulations to Thomas Schmidt, March 2014 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congratulations :)
  12. Re: Display PDF file in web browser in windows phone

    The web browser does not support inline display. You can only launch a PDF file and it will show up in the installed PDF Viewer App. The same is true for epub files. If no suitable App is installed...
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    Re: Take a photo remotely

    An App can disable IdleDetection which will keep the Lockscreen from engaging.
  14. Re: Do I require special permission to submit an app using Nokia Imaging SDK to store

    For Application Analysis you can find an introduction here in MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsphone/develop/hh202934%28v=vs.105%29.aspx
  15. Re: Do I require special permission to submit an app using Nokia Imaging SDK to store

    The Imaging SDK is not exclusive to Nokia hardware. I have an App using the Imaging SDK running on the Samsung Ativ S without any issues. In this case I would suggest to add an error reporting...
  16. Re: [moved] nokia imaging sdk 1.1 library supported architectures

    The Imaging SDK supports ARM and x86. You can run the resulting Apps on x64 as well but the compilation target needs to be 32 bit/x86. Platform-wise WP8 and WinRT (Windows Runtime) are supported. You...
  17. Re: Creating CustomEffect in C++, NullReferenceException

    I've been seeing the issue with my sample on both 1.0 and 1.1. (upgrading to the latest version was my first attempt to "fix" it). I hope I'll be able to correct everything in the sample until the...
  18. Re: Creating preview-thumbnails of default SDK filters!

    The basic idea would be to create a down-sized thumbnail of the original image which you will then use as the source for all effect applications (this avoids the downscaling being done again for each...
  19. Re: Creating CustomEffect in C++, NullReferenceException

    I believe the memory cap isn't even checked if you attach the debugger (as long as the device doesn't run out of memory completely). So checking without debugger might resolve some of the...
  20. Re: Video capture for CV - Disable auto white balance

    This article builds a basic app and it references a video recorder sample by Microsoft: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsphone/develop/hh394041(v=vs.105).aspx

    I guess it's at least a...
  21. Re: Video capture for CV - Disable auto white balance

    You would have to look in the documentation but if I remember correctly than you can't control exposure time for video frames. They always use 1/30. I believe that at least the native camera...
  22. Re: Video capture for CV - Disable auto white balance

    Most often people mean changing exposure time when they say 'change exposure'. The other ways to change it would be to change the aperture (which is fixed on Smartphone cameras) and lastly to change...
  23. Re: Creating CustomEffect in C++, NullReferenceException

    I believe I have found the reason for the issue - at least for my sample.

    My BitmapComparer class is provided with the DelegatingEffect externally, then sets the ImageSource and tries to render...
  24. Re: Creating CustomEffect in C++, NullReferenceException

    I can verify that the issue occurs for me as well on the 1020. Curiously enough I have no issues running a custom effect in one of my other projects that is based around pretty much the same...
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    Re: Gesture for finger down ?

    Thx for the info, didn't know it was about game development and I have to admit - I know next to nothing about XNA/Monogame/DirectX development.
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