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  1. Sticky: Re: Congratulations Neil Bhasme, Discussion Board Poster of the Month for August 2014

    Congratulations Neil! :)
  2. Re: Congratulations to Hamish Willee, February 2014 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    This is sweet. You know Hamish, you were unanimously chosen from the panel for this award when Jen came up with this awesome idea. We missed your opinion though. :)

  3. Feedback : Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 8


    We have featured Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 8 article on Nokia Developer Wiki.

    The library can be used for decoding barcodes "out of the box" and should do an impressive job...
  4. Re: Congratulations Neil Bhasme, Poster of the Month for September 2013

    Great! Congratulations Neil. :)
  5. Re: Congratulations vineet.jain, Poster of the Month for January 2013

    Congratulations to Vineet! :)
  6. Re: Congratulations to Wizard_hu_ the Poster of the Month for August

    Congratulations Wizard for both the Poster of the month and Champion of the month recognition. :)
  7. Re: Congratulations to Pooja Arora, August 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congratulations Pooja! Hope to see your continuous contribution on Wiki. :)
  8. Re: Congratulations to Ashraf Alshahawy, July 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congratulations Ashraf! Keep it up. :)
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    Re: Congratulations to Somnathbanik

    Congratulations Somnath! I must echo Hamish's words here about your Wiki contribution. Thanks for posting nice articles on Wiki.
  10. Re: Congratulations to Pavan Pareta, June 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congratulations Pavan! :) Keep it up.
  11. Re: Kudos to fred.duarte, second winner in the "PureView Imaging Competition 2012Q2"

    Congratulations Fred! Keep it up. :)
  12. Re: Kudos to daliusd, first of three winners in "PureView Imaging Competition 2012Q2"

    Congratulations daliusd! Indeed, there are quite nice articles submitted in this competition and it was hard for us to sort the best of the best. :)
  13. Re: Congratulations to Balagopalks March Poster of the Month

    Congratulations Bala! It is better late than never. ;)
  14. Re: About Launchpad, Developer account registration never gets processed!

    Hmm, I wonder why do you need a Launchpad membership. What has been stopping you in your final stage when you don't have Launchpad membership?
  15. Re: Congratulations to Vineet Jain, February 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congratulations Vineet! :)
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    Win Nokia 808 PureView!

    Hi all,

    We have a competition running on Nokia Developer Wiki where you can win a Nokia 808 PureView device.

    See this page for more details about the competition:...
  17. Re: Congratulations to vineet.jain January’s Poster of the Month

    Great! Congratulations Vineet. :)
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    Re: We need new wiki moderators!

    - Open Wiki: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/index.php/Wiki_Home
    - On the left sidebar. Go to Toolbox-> Upload file. (here is the direct link:...
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