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    Win XP is messing with Symbian S60 SDK


    I had this same problem in my old computer before. The problem is that when installing S60 SDK, it doesn't work in win XP. I have forget the solution, who it is possible to install "S60" to...
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    Why doesn't my Midlet WORK???

    What is changed??? When I had 7650 all Midlets work fine, now when I have 3650 everything is so fuc... hard.

    When I send MyApp.jar throw the Bluetooth, everything goes fine but when I try to open...
  3. How to send jar-file to mobile phone, what are my chance?

    I have send jar-files with bluetooth but can i use irda, cable, WEP?
    And if I can how i can use theese devices? If i have a cable do i need some program, same to irda.

    Can i just put jar-file to...
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