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    Re: Localized App name not ascii

    Thanks im2amit for the link on Known issue , it helps
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    Re: J2ME Push Notification

    thank you for information :)
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    Re: J2ME Push Notification

    It seems it is available now ...
    but when i deployed the sample on device (Asha 311) and run i get...
  4. Re: i do not know what is this rectangle in the bottom of the form

    thanks a lot sha.i ... can you shortly explain what are the pointer events i have to implement , i m new to j2me thanks

    ok found on google :D
    pointerPressed(), pointerReleased() and...
  5. i do not know what is this rectangle in the bottom of the form

    Please can you explain why a rectangle appears in the bottom ? see image .. and how can remove it ?

    Thanks in advance
  6. Re: Char conversion problem in Nokia Asha sdk Localization Builder

    In this case changing text file encoding do not helps
    Every time the project rebuild the Localization builder delete and recreate the .properties and the encoding depend on general Properties for...
  7. Re: Char conversion problem in Nokia Asha sdk Localization Builder

    you are right traud! that happens when someone uses tool supposed to be more productive :D
  8. Re: Char conversion problem in Nokia Asha sdk Localization Builder

    The problem does not happen at the time the code is executed
    It happens during the build process .. as i see Nokia SDK on eclipse uses 4 builders (see Project properties - Builders) that are Java...
  9. Re: Char conversion problem in Nokia Asha sdk Localization Builder

    yes i checked it as first, and set Text File encoding as UTF8 on xml source , despite that .properties output contains string like ????????? for not latin char
  10. Localization of midlet Application Name itself

    Does it is possible in j2me Nokia Asha sdk or it is only available on symbian development tools?
    Thanks in advance
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    Re: QML map navigation - routing

    there is a C++ class somewhere in the Nokia site that show how to run Nokia Map by passing a position
    i do not find the link now but that is sure because i m using that code in my app.
    class name...
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    Re: Open native Symbian video player

    the browser basically downloads the video file, then run the player on local file...
    so if you download it by yourself and then openUrl on local file it start the player directly

    i know it sounds...
  13. Re: Opening QML application takes a lot of time

    First get an extimate on how long is an empty qmL app startup time ... that is the minimum time you can expect on a specific device
    then try to identify bottlenecks by selectively disabling code ......
  14. Re: qml QueryDialog not displaying full message text

    add \n to the message
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    Re: facebook button on QMl webkit

    i saw that bug ...what exact Facebook url and what the phone ?
    just betting ... try display=wap instead display=touch
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    Re: FontLoader, Symbian^1 and Symbian^3

    Hi Jappit the same for me , i can't load by FontLoader , so , even if it is not the answer to your question or maybe you already know i was happy when i found this ... ...
  17. Re: How could we create an Array of ListModel ?

    Given my actual knowledge of QML (still learning) i would suggest you declare the array in a .js module,as usual in javascript ... var myarray=[] ,
    then somewhere in a onXXX handler you can create...
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    Re: Gmail api for Qt

    mobile or not , just follow the protocol http://code.google.com/intl/it-IT/apis/gmail/oauth/protocol.html
    of course you can do all http call by Qt
  19. Re: Update facebook wall through qml application ??

    i use this code to extract the token
    you can easily adapt it to your case .

    As the token is passed in the hash (#)
    i found it easy to replace # with ? and then use url.queryItemValue to...
  20. Re: Ovi Store client UID and passing params to it

    you are the man
    thx a lot truf
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    Re: Cell ID is 0

    you miss readdevicedata caps ... so far as i know that mean's symbian signed but be sure to doublecheck , i m not expert enough about symbian details
  22. Re: Qml TextInput not woking with split view on symbian anna

    QCoreApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_S60DisablePartialScreenInputMode, false);
    doesnt works for me too
    while http://qtsource.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/split-screen-text-input/
    helps and works...
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    Re: How to set text color of CheckBox ?

    it worth to note that Components 1.1 now support inverted theme color
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    Re: Qt Quick 1.0 Symbian - open native maps

    sure you can
  25. Re: Checkbox toggles on clicking item in listview

    in the handler you should assign by = not :
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