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    Professional Support down AGAIN

    Sorry to post this here (2nd time), but my e-mails never get answered, whereas someone from Nokia seems to monitor these & get back to me.

    The professional support site is down... again:

  2. Professional support unavailable for several days

    I've been getting this error for days whenever I try to connect to the professional support site:

    url: https://www.forumnokiaeservice.com/eService/start.swe
    The server you are accessing...
  3. Re: Need to know default password for keystore in Nokia Dev Tools 3.0!!!

    Wow... so, i found the password used by the Nokia tool when it's used to create a keystore. Anyone else out there see the movie "Hackers"? According to that flick, the top 3 are "password", "god",...
  4. Need to know default password for keystore in Nokia Dev Tools 3.0!!!

    I used the Nokia Developer's Suite 3.0 to generate a keystore, which I then used to purchase a certificate from Thawte. I now need to use that keystore/certificate to sign a jar file (not supported...
  5. Re: moving keystore (.ks file) to another computer

    Thanks, this did the trick to move it to another computer running the nokia tool. I'd really like to be able to use it more generally, though - any idea what the password is on the file?
  6. security exception on datagram open despite signed midlet

    I am attempting to open a datagram connection to the 3220's fun shell to read from its tilt sensor (API copied here for convenience: http://www.iotawireless.com/FunShellAPI.pdf).

    According to...
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    success in using it?

    Have you had success in using the funshell? I can't get my hello-world to install on my 3220 - I keep getting a security-based access exception. This, despite paying $200 USD for a certificate from...
  8. moving keystore (.ks file) to another computer

    I am using the Nokia developer's tool (3.0). I used it to create a keypair, which was stored in the "keystore" (presumably the .ks file in the bin?). I used this keypair to purchase a JavaSoft...
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    follow-up - it's the "Fun Shell"

    More research has yielded that the tilt sensor seems to actually be in an add-on for the 3220, then "CC-140D-R: Xpress-on™ Fun Shell- Red":
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    Tilt sensor in 3220

    Back in the day, Nokia announced that the 3220 would have "light writing" or some such, and had a tilt sensor built-in. The BBC article clearly says the 3220:...
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