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    Re: Problem with list and scroll in LWUIT

    :( sadly, My app when submit to Nokia Tester require that feature and I found that in lcdui list can automatically come back when scroll from footer upto header :/
    I'm not sure if this is a problem...
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    Problem with list and scroll in LWUIT

    I have a trouble with list scroll in LWUIT UI.

    I only build a very simple list and add to Form. However, when I move from footer upto touching the status bar and hold in a second. My list can't...
  3. Re: Problem with Display when call platformRequest("http://")

    I had test on Real Device. This problem still happened same on emulator
  4. Best Solution for showing HERE map on Lwuit form

    I have an app use HERE map component and I want to use Lwuit, too.
    I tried building HERE map on Lwuit form use some example from Nokia Project Developer, it work. However,because my technique use...
  5. [Location Test] Location Emulator on Nokia Asha

    Hi ,

    I'm developing an app for Asha 501 but i have no real device, so i use Nokia emulator. But I have a problem with test detect-location-function
    I don't know how to config and use Location...
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