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  1. RTP stopped receiving after 100 packets

    Hi guys I'm trying to do rtp streaming between my symbian s60 client and my PC java client, I'm using CRtpAPI provided by S60 extension api, some code is copied from an example from...
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    Re: Handling RTP padding bytes

    Hi all, in the RTP spec
    ".. .The last octet of the padding contains a count of how
    many padding octets should be ignored, including itself. ..."

    if the nubmer of paddings is > 255, how can I use...
  3. Re: Accessing screen from another thread

    Hi Nitesh and Hu, thanks you very much for your suggestions, the pdf fixed my problem
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    Re: Live Video Streaming

    Hi I think you will need DevVideo API to do this, check this out: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/MDFDevVideo_Playback_API
  5. Accessing screen from another thread

    Hi guys I'm wondering if there is a way to access the screen from another thread? I'm doing some video streaming test but I found I can only access the screen from the main(GUI) thread...
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    Re: Noise while playing G711 RTP

    Could anyone give any tips? I got the same problem, I encode the data then play it, I tried both alaw and ulaw, got noise, but if I switch to other codec like g729, there is no noise, very clear.
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    G.711 noise with VAS

    Hello guys, I've searched the forum and found few topics about codec noise problem, but I think my problem is a little different so I opened a new thread.

    I got a really strange problem when I'm...
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    Re: system error (-6)

    This is what it means:

    System wide error code -6 : an argument is out of range.

    A system wide error code indicates an error in the environment, or in
    user input from which a program may...
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    Re: Create Local MMS

    I tried to create a local mms in KMsvLocalServiceIndexEntryId and then move it to the inbox, but still got error ... any tip?
  10. Re: Create MMS in inbox, feature not supported?

    Hi guys I've worked on this for 2 days but still got no solution, I just want to create a local MMS in the inbox, my code is very simple (for testing purpose, no attachment), I created the MMS in...
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