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    Exiting camera in a flash lite program

    I have got a flash lite program, which launches a camera, when a button is pressed. I should exit the camera, when a picture is taken but I do not know how to do that. Could someone help me, please?...
  2. Problem solved

    I found out the solution myself. It's working now. :)
  3. Problem launching Camera application from Flash Lite


    I am using Adobe CS3 Professional to create Flash Lite applications.

    I have written a small flashlite application based on "CS001256 - Launching an installed application in Flash Lite" to...
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    Problem with actionscript file

    In our program there is a .as file, where is some code. It should be run when a button is pressed, but we just can't make it work. The problem is probably that we don't know how to call a...
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    Using camera in flash lite

    How can we take a picture in flash lite? When we press a button phone should take a picture but we haven't got a clue how to do that. Hope someone can help us. Thanks in advance.
  6. Re: How to make focus move to the next item on right?

    That was just what we wanted. Thanks a lot. :)
  7. How to make focus move to the next item on right?

    Hi, we've got a problem with flash lite 2.1. When we make a on(keyPress "<Right>"){} -method that does something (even thought just print something) we can't move focus to the next item on right,...
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