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  1. Thread: Testing the app

    by SB Dev

    Re: Testing the app

    The Windows Phone 8 emulator is based on Hyper-V and that unfortunately only works when there is full hardware support for virtualization so unfortunately there is no way to run the emulator on a...
  2. Re: Windows Phone 8.1 Windows.Media.Capture API and Preview Frames

    For the project I was working on we stepped back to WP8.0 and simply used the old Camera API. I'm still looking into a solution for this but haven't really gotten around to it yet.
  3. Re: What changes does "Vibrance, Shadows, Clarity" effects do ?

    The Lumia Creative Studio offers under "Improvement" (or something similar - the German App calls it "Verbessern") selective controls to change vibrance, clarity and shadows. He's asking how he can...
  4. Re: Feedback : Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 8

    To my knowledge there is no such compiled package. Instead of editing the DLL with some tool you can however just Download the source of the Library from here:...
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    Re: Serialize data to CSV format

    CSV is a data interchange format and by default Excel registers itself to open it on a PC so I think it's a good pick when trying to export data for users. XML isn't really readable as is (and there...
  6. Re: Targeting Win 8/Tablets/Phone8.1 - Which approach ?

    There is no way to build a single UI project for Desktop and Mobile. You can create a Universal App project which supports Win8.1, Windows RT 8.1 as well as Windows Phone 8.1. When you create such a...
  7. Re: Integrate Nokia Camera app with another WP apps

    Unfortunately there is no way to call the Nokia Camera App. Some other Camera Apps however have defined LaunchURIs that allow another App to call it with specific settings and receive an Image back....
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    Re: People hub style tile

    Unfortunately that tile template is not available to Third Party Apps on WP8.0.

    On WP8.1 however you can use the ImageCollection Tile Templates to get that effect. It seems however to only be...
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    Re: Swipe control in Windows phone

    What do you mean by "swipe control"? What exactlly should that control do? If you have an example from the OS where such a thing is being done or an App that uses something similar that would help us...
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    Re: Rate My App nuget not working on WP8.1 app

    Are you trying on a Silverlight 8.1 App or one of the new WinRT 8.1 Apps? I'd guess that the package is only working with Silverlight based Apps right now.
  11. Re: How to use the the HLS SDK to stream / play on windows 8 devices .

    The SDK is Windows 8 only so no, it won't work on the phone.
  12. Re: Congratulations to Lee McPherson, Wiki Contributor of the Month for June 2014

    Congratulations. Well deserved :)
  13. Re: Any Isolated storage gurus? Getting Operation not permitted on IsolatedStorageFil

    The event is triggered on a background thread as the whole Async is moving it there. So it's likely that when you call the player component (which is on the UI thread) will have issues with that. Or...
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    Re: How can I test SensorCore SDK app ?

    Sensor Core is building on top of a special co-processor that Qualcomm has added to it's newer SoCs. I would guess that you can't really test correct function of your App without a device that has...
  15. Re: How to install external packages.vsix files on to microsoft visual studio 2012

    I can't help you any further with that - I never used it. The SDK supports both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 according to their website. It is a commercial SDK so you would have to buy a license for...
  16. Re: How to install external packages.vsix files on to microsoft visual studio 2012

    According to the screenshot the SDK is for Windows 8 and not Windows Phone 8. So it won't show up in a Windows Phone project. If you want to use HLS on WP8 I'd suggest to use this SDK:...
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    Re: How to convert PNG to JPG?

    This won't work - you are opening a stream that contains PNG data and handing that over to a JPEG-Decoder.

    This should work however:

    BitmapImage img = new BitmapImage(new Uri("path to your...
  18. Re: How to install external packages.vsix files on to microsoft visual studio 2012

    The only HLS SDK I can find for WP8 is this: https://www.3ivx.com/technology/windows/metro/http_live_streaming.html

    You can't install VSIX extensions in Express Versions of Visual Studio. If you...
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    Re: Which Lumia's NFC Controller is NXP PN547 ?

    The updates are going to be rolled out over the summer. There have no exact dates been anounced but rumours point to the rollout starting this month with higher end devices reaching lower end devices...
  20. Re: Nokia imaging SDK's Filters giving blurry outputs

    Ah yes, rendering only at the on screen size of the preview control vs. rendering at the full resolution. I also often render at screen resolution for filter previews and only apply the filter to the...
  21. Re: Recreating Filters coded on iOS (CIFilter) to Nokia Imaging SDK

    You should be able to provide the data contained in your LUTs to a CustomEffect and do the mapping you currently do with the WriteableBitmap in there. That would allow it to run as part of the...
  22. Re: Recreating Filters coded on iOS (CIFilter) to Nokia Imaging SDK

    Did I understand correctly that you already have your filters up and running cross platform and the main problem is to reproduce them using the Imaging SDK? So there is currently a WP implementation...
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    Re: httpserver download file

    You simply write the text created in the StringBuilder named ret to the output stream like in the original sample and then write the content of the Zip-File like you're doing it now.
  24. Re: LevelsFilter & LocalBootFilter problems with Imaging SDK 1.2.115

    At what size does your input and output image have respectively?
  25. Re: NFC forcibly disabled - Tags no longer recognized

    The preview might cause such issues although I've not heard of anything like it. NFC seems to work fine in the preview. I'd guess that the 820 is defective. Perhaps you could have someone you know...
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