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  1. Re: S40 Code Example download links are broken

    This is quite a long maintenance then...they are broken for at least a week now...
  2. S40 Code Example download links are broken

    None of the provided download links for the S40 Web Development code examples and the UI components is currently working...they are all broken, check:
  3. Re: Garbled Emulator Text Rendering On Ubuntu 11.04

    +1 this also affects Ubuntu 10.04.3 32bit. The inspector of the device simulator is rendered so badly you can only guess what is written there...
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    Re: Feedback/Error Reports/Feature Requests

    There seems to be an issue with the Repo URL:

    Using Nokia WebTool 1.2 Version: on Ubuntu 10.04.3 32bit...
  5. How to pass JS Date object to List Delegate?

    Is there a best practice to pass JavaScript Date objects to QML List Delegates?

    If you have a ListModel like:

    ListModel {
    id: listModel

    Component.onCompleted: {
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    Unable to open Database

    Hi sorry to bother you guys but I just started playing around with QML and JavaScript recently and facing a probably simple to solve issue...but one that is driving me mad :mad:

    I read all...
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