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  1. Java MIDlet in Main Menu/Main Screen/Desktop.


    can I put Java MIDlet(externally installed) in main menu(for medium range phones) or Main screen/desktop(for high end phones) of the phones? Not in the application or games folder....
  2. Re: Develop a MIDlet access to SIM and SIMToolkit through APDU

    It is not possible to read the SIM functionality like Phonebook, etc. because operator of that SIM does not allow you to get or read the information. so, there is no way of command to...
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    Re: Profile Access using Java API

    Thanks for the information.

    But It requires S60 SDK. IAP Info API is an extension of GCF (read in the doc which u sent). I can't use this like GCF because it requires S60 SDK. rite? Can I use it...
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    Re: Profile Access using Java API

    I appreciate your quick response.

    Could you please tell me where can I get the information about LAP API infor or any specific URL or doc for that?

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    Profile Access using Java API

    Hi All...,

    I am writting an application which uses the GPRS connection on the phone. The application calls the url to access the page. Before showing the page, phone shows "the profile page...
  6. How can I know the mobile phones default language in Java.

    Hi All...!

    I am developing a MIDlet which would show the text in mobile's default language set.

    For ex. Mobiles default language is japanese. The text should be in japanese.
    My question is:...
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