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    You can send the JAD and JAR to the phone via...

    You can send the JAD and JAR to the phone via bluetooth and then run the JAD from the messaging folder, this will install the program. I am currently searching for a way to install from the cable but...
  2. Possible fillRect limitation on earlier series 60's?

    I have some code which is drawing a buffered image to the screen to allow smooth scrolling around a large map. This method uses fillRect to clear part of the image in the backbuffer whilst motion...
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    Yeah i've already done that, I have one buffered...

    Yeah i've already done that, I have one buffered Image created from tiles with transparency already and I need another one over the top aswell. Well, I say 'need', really it'd just be nice to get a...
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    PNG manipulation in pure MIDP

    Hi all,

    I would like to create a buffer Image made up from several smaller Image tiles that maintains its transparency for redrawing on screen. This has to be done in pure MIDP 1.0 though as the...
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    Transparency in J2ME on Series 60


    I am getting really frustrated with DirectGraphics etc. Is there anywhere that I can find a simple step by step tutorial or code sample to show how transparency on a 7650 might be implemented....
  6. DirectGraphics/fillPolygon and KERN - EXEC 3 on 7650

    Hi, i'm trying to get DirectGraphics to draw polygons on a fullCanvas, it all works fine in the emulator but on the 7650 nothing happens and when you quit the app it says "KERN-EXEC 3" with the ol'...
  7. Incoming call handling on 7650 with fullCanvas crashing

    I have completed a game for the 7650 and the only thing I have left to do is handle incoming calls, currently the phone will crash whenever one comes in. I know I have to use the hide/showNotify...
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    incoming call handling on the 7650

    I'm in the final stages of writing a java game for the series 60 platform but i'm having trouble handling incoming calls - the phone crashes and the app won't restart until the phone has been turned...
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