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  1. Anyone successfully compiled and run Blockgame?


    I tried to compile and run Blockgame, which is an example program in Nokia j2me develpment suit. But when I run it, I always got "Bad class access flag" error.

    Why is it?

  2. Can I take photo in Java application or use the photo picture in the nokia java app?


    I'm using a 7650 phone and wants to develop something related to its taking picture function. e.g. taking a picture and then use this picture in my program.

    Is there anyway to do that?
  3. Can I load image from the pictures list originally stored in the phone?

    I'm writing a J2ME program on Nokia 7650 phone. I want to pick up an image from the phone and use this image in my program. e.g. taking a picture using the phone (or somebody sent me a picture/mms),...
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