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  1. Is it possible for an application to turn NFC on?

    Before trying to communicate via NFC one must check if NFC is enabled. The
    application example at [1], when NFC is not enabled asks user to go to the
    mobile's connectivity settings and check it....
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    Re: NFC for Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_v0.6

    mahbub_s60: inside the lib dir of the package Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_v0.6 there is no jsr257.jar. I extracted all jar files distributed along Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_v0.6, and couldn't find any...
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    NFC for Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_v0.6

    Thread [1] discusses and shows a link [search "Download the plug-in" in a post by Ron Liechty] to an NFC plugin for the Symbian_3_SDK_v1_0. That plugin won't install with...
  4. Re: NFC plug-in for the Nokia Symbian^3 SDK 1.0 available

    The link in the previous post by Ron Liechty, and discussed in this thread in general is for the Symbian_3_SDK_v1_0, and the plugin won't install with Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_v0.6....
  5. Re: NFC plug-in for the Nokia Symbian^3 SDK 1.0 available

    The plugin described in this thread is for Symbian_3_SDK_v1_0 and won't install with Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_v0.6. Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_v0.6 doesn't come, as well, with jsr257.jar (ie, the...
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