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  1. problem with platform_paths.hrh stlportv5 in Symbian^3 SDK 0.8

    It looks like C:\nokia\devices\Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v0.8\epoc32\include\platform_paths.hrh at line #394

  2. Is backup / restore of the widgets supported?


    I have made a simple test, executed it on my N97 v20:

    1) Install a widget to drive C:;
    2) backup my phone, including everything besides drive E:;
    3) Uninstall widget;
    4) Restore...
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    Re: HookLogger fatal hook Error

    I am having the same error "Fatal hook error": Failed upon instr (0x5A) at 60000001.

    Is this app working at all? I am using N97 1.0 SDK emulator, and v0.45 of HookLogger. Help!!!
  4. Re: Errors occured when building raccoon on S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0

    OK, was finally able to figure this out.

    This is happening perhaps because there is some non-const pointer taking the address of 'free' outside of code (like, a global variable initialised to the...
  5. Re: Errors occured when building raccoon on S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0

    Hi chenpeiwen,

    Were you able to find the solution to this problem? I am having a similar error for post-linker:

    elf2e32 : Error: E1065:...
  6. where is timelocal implementation in N97 1.0 SDK?

    In N97 1.0 SDK, /epoc32/include/stdapis/time.h, line 212, mentions function

    time_t timelocal(struct tm * const);

    However, trying to link this function to the app results in linker error (symbol...
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    Unable to uninstall widget from SISX

    I have a SISX file that wraps around a widget. It installs the widget fine, but uninstallation seems trickier.

    I tried to follow...
  8. Problem with STLPort in N97 1.0 SDK (vc_select_lib.h is missing)


    I am using N97 1.0 SDK in my case and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

    I have an MMP project which uses OpenC / STL that I would like to compile using VS 2008. Using command

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    Re: On device debugging, TRK and N73

    I think my situation is slightly different, but with the same eventual error message:

    1) I am using Nokia XPressMusic 5800 phone. It is connected to the laptop via USB; Carbide version is 2.0...
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