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  1. Controlling One Mobile Phone From Another Mobile Phone

    Can we access or speaking briefly can we control one mobile from another mobile using network protocols. I had gone through so many sites that provide the software for Remote Desktop...
  2. Automatic call receive in J2ME while a received call is in place

    is there any procedure in J2ME so that when any incoming call is coming, the application installed automatically detects it and answers the call automatically and in addition make a call to...
  3. Re: Calling a native c or c++ application from J2ME

    Hi Petrib,
    I had gone through different links and come across the midpjni(which is at midpjni.com)

    But the site itself is hacked, please suggest me any different solutions or any useful links...
  4. Re: Calling a native c or c++ application from J2ME

    Thanks for your reply.

    My task is not related to symbian c++, but it is related to general c++.

    How to call a native c++ application from J2ME.

    Is it possible. At least, if its...
  5. Calling a native c or c++ application from J2ME

    I am newbie to J2ME and i want to develop an application which calls a native c or c++ application from J2ME MIDlet.

    Is it possible in J2ME to call a native c or c++ application.

  6. Getting Recorded Audio Frequency in J2ME

    I am doing one application in J2ME which records audio spoken through microphone attached to the phone.
    I had to get the frequency in which the audio is recording from my application. I had...
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    get device information from USB

    i am searching for one thing from so many days.

    If i have connected a Nokia mobile device(any mobile device) by means of USB cable, is it possible to get the information of that...
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    MSV 61 error

    what is MSV 61 error in symbian.

    i got that error while running an SMS application.

    Please help me in this aspect.
  9. Re: "Gateway received an invalid response from the upstream gateway"

    I will let you know the result.
  10. Re: "Gateway received an invalid response from the upstream gateway"

    hi amerzannouneh,
    thanks for your reply. When i am connecting to the google.com in that particular mobile it was showing the web page correctly. But, while iam connecting to that particular public...
  11. "Gateway received an invalid response from the upstream gateway"

    iam receiving the following error while iam downloading a sis file from the tomcat webserver. Please give me the cause for the error. The error i am getting is as follows:

    "Gateway received...
  12. Re: To retrieve data from server which connection is better socket or http connection

    I too have same problem.
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    Re: N70 request response using http

    Thanks for reply. What i had done was download the HttpClientExample and installed it in N70 device. Is that example compatible with the S60 2nd edition feature 3 mobile phones i.e, N70. I am trying...
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    N70 request response using http

    i am using N70 mobile phone and i downloaded the HTTPClientExample from nokia. I had run it in the N70 mobile phone, but it was showing -33 error. What is the possible reason of failing the...
  15. Re: setting personalized ringtone for a contact

    Thanks for your reply. I will go through the procedure told by you.
  16. How to Set Address Book Contact's Ringtone programmatically In J2ME

    In general, in mobile phone we assign different tones to different address book contacts to distinguish the caller's from one another. When we assign a ring tone to a contact, something happens...
  17. Re: J2ME Accessing the Ring Tones In Mobile and Modifying

    Thanks for reply. But, i had one more question. Can we access the ringtone assigned to a particular contact in the address book by means of using the properties of contact.
  18. J2ME Accessing the Ring Tones In Mobile and Modifying

    Is it possible to access ringtones through code in J2ME. I have to access the ringtone and modify its contents.

    Please help me in this regard.

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    How To Detect Incoming Call In J2ME

    I am developing an application in J2ME for which i have to recognize the incoming call details. Is it possible to get the details of the incoming call in J2ME. If not possible in J2ME, are they...
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    Re: JSR-179 Orientation Implementation

    Please let me know how to implement external GPS in J2ME. Is there any external hardward required or can we manage with the software. I require getting the latitude and longitude values without...
  21. Re: PC Connectivity Over BT:Help required

    One more thing i observed from the application is in ChatApplication source of mobile, it was given in comments that the user name of the remote chatter should be less than 8 characters. But my user...
  22. Problem With PC Connectivity To Mobile Over Bluetooth

    i downloaded the Nokia PC Connectivity Over BlueTooth Application from Nokia. In that two examples were given, one simple and another chat example.
    I had taken the examples regarding chat...
  23. PC Connectivity Over BT:Help required

    i downloaded the examples regarding the PC connectity over Bluetooth application from forum nokia. Two applications were given in that Simple and Chat applications.
    What iam doing is I...
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    Displaying Textbox In Canvas

    how to design a textbox in j2me canvas. I tired googling for this information, but i couldn't able to get the solution anywhere. Is it possible to display the textbox in j2me canvas. Please...
  25. Assigning a Ringtone SMS message to Contacts

    if i receive one ringtone SMS message, then how can i assign that particular ringtone to any person(s) in contacts. Is it possible to do that in J2ME.

    Please help me in that aspect.
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