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    Re: Problems with E7

    Here mi .Pro file http://pastebin.com/guT5ugCL
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    Re: Problems with E7

    Hello and check my file. Pro ​​several times and it seems everything is in order, as the makesis use? if I would like to create my. system manually
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    Position of the cell

    Hello, some of you know how to make an application made ​​in Qt Creator 4.7.4 can be adapted if the cell is a vertical or horizontal?
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    Error running application in Symbian

    Hello, I have a problem when you want to run my application in cell E7 or N8, I generated the following error:

    sbs: build log in C: \ QtSDK \ Symbian \ SDKs \ Symbian3Qt474 \ EPOC32 \ build \...
  5. Re: Incorrect display position of QML window when changing phone orientation

    Hello, I am also interested in how to make the application can be adapted to the mode of cell esi is that a vertical or horizontal.
    My application also am doing the 4.7.4 and my phone is a E7
  6. Re: To Develop on Windows Phone, or Not? ... Is That Really the Question?

    Hello, I'm a developer of Windows Phone, if you have any questions or inconvenient, like I can help.
    And if you have an application that you want to try, we will gladly do, I have a LG Optimus, OS...
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    [moved] Problems with E7

    Hi, I have this problem when I want to run mobile application on my device E7, I made the application with Qt Creator 4.7.4

    : -1: Error: Failed to write makefile 'C: /...
  8. Error while building project DEMO (target: Symbian Device)

    I have this Error:
    Error while building project DEMO (target: Symbian Device)
    When executing build step 'qmake

    somebody know why?
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    Change the icon

    Hello, any of you know how to change the icon of an application for Symbian Qt Creator?
  10. ¿Como cambio el icono de mi aplicacion movil en Qt Creator?

    Hola amigos, soy un desarrollador nuevo y me gustaria saber como puedo cambiar el icono a mi aplicacion en Qt Creator, ya que cuando lo ejecuto en el dispositivo, me aparece el icono o logo de Qt, y...
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