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    I just tried the Nokia Developer Suite for J2ME...

    I just tried the Nokia Developer Suite for J2ME v2 as it does convert Midi to OTT/OTA, and I must say the conversion is really BAD.

    It removes all volume, note duration and pauses, basically what...
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    MIDI -> OTT / OTA conversion

    I'm trying to find a way to convert monotone midi files correctly to OTT/OTA format. I've found a few converters, but they all don't work properly (ie notes, with pauses). Most converters seem to...
  3. Industry Freelance rates for polyphonic content

    Hi there,

    I am curious as to what standard industry rates are being charged for polyphonic ringtone/game audio. Mainly 4 polyphony content, but also rates for 8 and 16 as well.

    please email...
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