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    Accessing the phone's own number from MIDlet

    Is is possible to get hold of the phone number of the telephone that is running a MIDlet? It would be logical to be able to query it through "System.getProperty()", for instance, but I don't know...
  2. drawPixel bugs in SDK's for Series_30 (3510i) and 7210

    For fast screen access and low memory usage I had hoped to be able to use DirectGraphics.drawPixels(byte[],...TYPE_BYTE_1_GRAY).

    For my purpose it would have been so much nicer than the standard...
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    Midlet size >32kb?

    I have not been able to download a midlet larger than 32kb into an actual Nokia phone. I have tried the Nokia 3510i and the Nokia 7210. Midlets less than about 31.5kb work fine, but when I increase...
  4. Midlet connecting via internet APN instead of WAP APN

    There are two kinds of settings for net access on the 7210, "Connectivity->GPRS->GPRS modem settings", where I use an "internet" access point, and "Services->Settings->Active service settings",...
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