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    Re: JNI in S60 3rd Edition FP2 onwards?

    The roadmap seems to say we can look for this in the second half of 2010. That's less than 6 weeks away! :) Knowing the way people write schedules, it might mean the end of the second half. And...
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    JNI in S60 3rd Edition FP2 onwards?

    According to the Forum Nokia Java Library introductory material,

    My searches of the discussion boards turn up a lot of "I want to use JNI from MIDP" and "you can't use JNI from MIDP" messages....
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    Re: JavaME and Sensors

    I was about to ask about sensor access from Java on the N95 when I noticed this discussion. Can anyone clarify this comment, found in the Device Support section of the JSR-256 Implementation notes...
  4. Re: Which application(s) receive device lock/autolock PIN key events?

    No, task priorities turned out not to be the source of the problem. Instead, it was that the order in which my application communicated with the other apps affected the outcome of my...
  5. Re: Which application(s) receive device lock/autolock PIN key events?

    Oh, it's a tremendously bad hack - I am under no illusions about that! This is for a proof-of-concept demo, nothing more, so the fact that it's a hack is not a problem. Besides, there's a lot to be...
  6. Which application(s) receive device lock/autolock PIN key events?

    I've written an application that seeks to unlock an autolocked/device-locked device under program control by sending the key codes for the PIN to the correct application(s).

    As a test, my current...
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    Device lock under program control

    I've written a small PyS60 module that uses RAknKeyLock to allow a Python program to lock the device using EnableAutoLockEmulation and the other keypad-locking methods it provides. Some questions:
  8. Re: KErrPermissionDenied from MProEngProfile.CommitChangeL

    It's a DLL that's loaded by the PyS60 exe. I had assumed that the loading application has the necessary WriteDeviceData capability, but that seems not be be the case. Thanks for your note, which...
  9. KErrPermissionDenied from MProEngProfile.CommitChangeL

    I've written a little C++ extension to PyS60 to allow you to get and set the ringtone of the active profile.

    When I call the 'set' method with any of the ringtones in ROM, e.g....
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    Installing appswitch - cert expired?

    I'm looking for a way to switch Python to the foreground on certain events. The appswitch module looks like exactly what I need. However, when I try to install the most recent version of it I...
  11. Re: How to answer incoming call? telephone.answer not working

    Thanks to you both for your replies. The calls to e32.ao_sleep(1) fixed the problem - thanks, ceejay.

    The new problem is that after my program answers the incoming call, it hangs: no keys have...
  12. How to answer incoming call? telephone.answer not working

    I'm using 1.4.1 final on an E50.

    I'd like to use telephone.incoming_call() and telephone.answer() to answer an incoming call. The documentation says:

    My app looks like this

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    According to...

    According to http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,040,00.html?fsrParam=1-3-&fileID=4732, the 6600 does handle audio capture, but you must supply some parameters (explained in that document) to the...
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    Which phones support MMAPI capture://audio?

    The March 23, 2004 Developer Platforms matrix lists 13 handset models that support MMAPI (JSR 135). But JSR 135 provides a lot of latitude in terms of what capabilities a device offers.

  15. "Music download" option/globe icon in 3300b Music Player

    I see that the Music Player on my US-model 3300 (3300b) displays a globe-like icon and lists a "Music downloads" menu option for certain MP3 tracks I've downloaded, but not others. I've looked at...
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