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    Re: CRLF Refresh for Nokia SIP client

    does anyone know what the CRLF interval (frequency) is?
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    Re: N95 SIP incomming call problem

    you can also turn CRLF (same page as the nat timeouts) to ON. this will send packets out periodically and keep connections open. although this may drain battery some.
  3. voip over 3g connection gets lost after ~60 mins

    i've been using voip over 3g here with my n85-3 NAM, and it seems like i get 'connection fail' on the sip client after about ~60 mins of being on 3g. and the voip services doesn't reconnect-i have to...
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    Re: Be sure 911 is Supported To Your VOIP

    be aware there's usually an extra charge and taxes when you're signed up w/ 911. if you have a one way of getting 911, then you don't usually have to enable it across all your sip providers.
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    Re: Nokia e63 voip problem , pls help

    hm, not sure about the 3g part, but i had a problem w/ my n85 where i wouldn't get incoming calls after a certain duration. it turns out my udp port timeout was very short, and the keep alives wasn't...
  6. Re: SIP disconnects after one time and is unable to re-register (behind NAT)

    couple of things you can do (only need to do one):

    on the router side:
    1.forward the port and protocol (likely UDP) from your sip provider to the ip address of your phone.
    2.increase the timeout...
  7. max memory allocated for call log program (s60 rel 3.2) ?

    i tried posting this in end-user forums, but couldn't resolve, so i was hoping i could get a better answer here.

    using my n85 for mostly voip calls (with nokia's native advanced voip settings...
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