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    Re: Recognize DTMF tones in downlink

    Applied Goertzel algorithms are suitable for that job and are widely used in various points e.g. in telecom networks and functions. The topic has been widely covered in numerous DSP textbooks and a...
  2. Re: Carbide.c++ 2.0 UI Designer, Edit Image Property Problem

    Still puzzled by this. UI Designer stubbornly complains that "no image file is being built to the project". I disagree. :) I can see from the console that the icon .mk -file gets processed and .mif...
  3. Carbide.c++ 2.0 UI Designer, Edit Image Property Problem

    Finally took my chance and upgraded to a Pro version (cheers Nokia :-) of Carbide.c++ 2.0. I've been building S60 UI for years with "hand-made" code and ofcourse tried out the nice looking UI...
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    Re: how to get fps in camera example?

    How about drawing directly on the Gc, I dunno if is the neatest & fastest way to do it but I would do it so. :-)

    In the header file:

    TUint32 iTimeMs;
    TInt iFps;

    Init iTimeMs e.g. in the...
  5. Re: E61 & E71 - differences in CMdaAudioInputStream?

    I coded some lines to reveal the 1600 byte magic number. Like suspected MaiscBufferCopied gets called when 1600 bytes (800 16-bit PCM) samples have been captured. This is actually better - reducing...
  6. Re: E61 & E71 - differences in CMdaAudioInputStream?

    Thanks Sorcery.

    I presume you were refering this article:

    KIS000456 - Differences in audio streaming configuration on the S60 3rd Edition devices...
  7. E61 & E71 - differences in CMdaAudioInputStream?

    I have developed an audio app using Nokia E61 & S60 3rd. For continuous audio sampling it uses extensively the CMdaAudioInputStream framework. I pass a 4k buffer to MMF and when the MaiscBufferCopied...
  8. Carbide C++ 1.1 upg to 1.2 - unable to install on device

    *CDT 1.2 Upgrade Wizard had failed with the mmp files. Manual editing and problem solved. *


    I tried to move on to newer Carbide C++ version and installed the newer v1.2 with some fresh...
  9. CCknVerticalTextAndIconList Box and max icon size?

    Is it possible to use larger icons than 64x50px with a "basic" CCknVerticalTextAndIconListBox type object?

    The default drawer seems to handle well only icons up to 64x50 pixels, larger than that...
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    RE: View border and shadow?

    jarpalo, thank you *very much* for your reply! :-)
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    View border and shadow?

    I have implemented a view where the screen is split into two window-frames as presented in the "Nokia 9210 Style Guide". These two windows are compound controls inherited from CEikBorderedControl...
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