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  1. Re: Exception with ISO14443Connection Connector.open and message "null"

    It's a connection to the internal JavaCard and I did it like you said. The problem appears only if I have a NFC P2P Connection between two Nokia 6131 mobile phones and afterwards trying to switch...
  2. Exception with ISO14443Connection Connector.open and message "null"


    I've got a problem with connecting to my secure element in my Nokia 6131 mobile phone.
    I use (ISO14443Connection) Connector.open(connectionString); to connect to the secure element. The...
  3. Default connection mode and speed of Nokia 6131


    I don't know where to find out which connection modes (passive/active) and connection speeds the Nokia 6131 device supports. Which is the default mode and speed?

    In my project I have to...
  4. Problems when connecting Nokia 6131 and PDA with SDID SD card


    I am trying to connect a Nokia 6131 NFC mobile phone with a Dell Axim x51v PDA with a SDID SD card via NFC. On the mobile phone I use the NFCIPConnection class from Nokia 6131 SDK 1.1 to...
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