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  1. Nokia Series 40 5Th Edition device signing not working.

    Hi There,

    Is there any reason why Nokia has stopped installing Verisign signed midlets on to the S40 5Th edition handsets? All the older versions works fine with my midlet along with other...
  2. Re: Command Button on TextBox Issue in 6230i/3510i

    After doing several test on different firmware version and other series 40 devices I found the the same bug appears on other devices. The earlier version of 6230 never has the bug in it. So CAN...
  3. Nokia 6610i "Buffer overflow in getStringStringContentsSafely()" error

    I keep getting a error screen on top of my J2ME application "Buffer overflow in getStringStringContentsSafely()" on the Nokia 6610i device ramndomly. Has anybody seen this error on any other Nokia...
  4. Re: Command Button on TextBox Issue in 6230i/3510i

    As I said in my previous post yes I am running it on the real device. I do not have any problem running it on the 6230i emulator.
  5. Command Button on TextBox Issue in 6230i/3510i/5140i.NOKIA PLZ FIX THIS BUG!!!!

    Hi There,
    I am having a problem with Command buttons on 6230i/3510i, If I have a command button type OK on a TextBox, sometimes the command button is inactive, It is totally random, sometimes it...
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    Hi random_john_doe, I followed the exact steps...

    Hi random_john_doe,

    I followed the exact steps as you have described before, I could send my self made certificate to Nokia 6600, and sign my app using the same cert, when i do the OTA to my phone...
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    Is it a 6600 bug??? Please help!!!!!

    Hi Everybody,

    I dont know wheather this is right place to submit a bug, but i am getting these error messages from nokia 6600 when i try to run my j2me application which just displayes a couple of...
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