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  1. Which fields of TMdaAudioDataSettings should I initialise?

    I am working on some streaming audio code and noticed that in one of Nokia's examples, only the iChannels and iSampleRate members of the TMdaAudioDataSettings are initialised before calling...
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    CodeWarrior -vs- C++ Builder

    Hi there.

    I have been developing for Symbian OS for a year or two, debugging using the emulator and then compiling for the device the "Old fashioned" way on the command line, before installing my...
  3. RE: how to dynamically enable/disable the CBA keys?

    Use the following code:


    Works nicely in my application. :-)
  4. RE: Applcation launched from Inbox via recognizer

    Hi. I just wrote a descriptive answer to your question but the f*****g server got an error when I submitted it. Why does everything to do with Nokia suck?

    Anyway, look for "iDoorObserver" in the...
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    Application window "moves" with menu

    I have written an application that works in a similar manner to the Graphics example. In it's AppUi class's ConstructL() method it creates an instances of its Container class (View class in older...
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    How do I download files to a 7650?


    I have an application that I package into a .sis file along with its required data files, and it works well. However, I want to be able to download different data files to the device without...
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    Recognizer crashes Series 60 emulator

    I have written a very basic recognizer but am having a lot of problems with it. At startup its E32Dll(), CreateRecognizer() and constructor get called and then the emulator crashes with an int 3. I...
  8. Recogniser DLL in a .sis file blew away my 7650!

    While developing my application for the Nokia 7650, I have noticed that if you don't get your .pkg file perfect then the .sis file that is generated from it can crash the installer on the phone. For...
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