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  1. Re: Loudspeaker control for an active GSM call for S60 3.1 devices

    It is possible to activate the loudspeaker during a call by using the APS Server's ActivateLoudspeaker function.

    This requires downloading the APS version for your platform(FP1 or MR) and needs...
  2. Speaker and Volume Audio Control for an active GSM call

    Hello All,

    Our application correctly handles GSM calls and the CTelephony Tel. application runs in the background of our application.

    I would like to control the audio of the currently active...
  3. Re: "The input line is too long" error when linking in Carbide c++

    I was able to workaround this problem by using make -k -i instead of just make -k as the default build command under Project, Propreties, C/C++ Build, Build Settings. This will ignore the Error 255...
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